Dancer Ring Effects on Staves?

How hard is it to give staves dancer ring effects?
A tutorial would be nice.
Thank you!


If I remember right [assuming you are using builder] just edit the rings to be staffs, if you want to have rings and staffs. make a staff and set the item effect to the ring’s effect, it will be the same place as the other staff effects, and it will be entirely usable.

Yes, it does work!

Just a slight problem, though!
It works fine with battle animations, but it crashes with map animations.
The band-aid solution is to modify the AP data of every class that uses staves, which fixes the crashing issue, but it makes normal staff animations look wonky.

I wonder if there’s a solution to that.

Did you edit the item “use” effects?
[This is a separate menu that determines item effects targeting and staff type among other things]
that may solve your problem.

SHORT $2000 $46C0 

install this inline change (put it in an .event file and use FEBuilder’s “Insert EA”, or go to the hex editor→ disassembler and replace these two lines like so)

this should allow dance rings to be used like staves