Dance of Glory [Demo] [Looking for help]

Currently work on the sixth map. But due to it being an ephraim chapter I need to fix this bug.

There are patches in febuilder to fix issues relating to using 5x’s slot.

Already tried these

but one of them doesn’t fully work.

Finally relased Demo 2!

2 new maps, 15 supports and reworks to the first four maps!



Notes from my playthrough(on Hard difficulty, as intended)

Overall I’d say this game has potential some of the unit designs catch my eye. Namely the thief peg, I wish she wasn’t awful. I think you should get rid of the poison, enemies with poison are a hassle. You don’t give me any way to get rid of it AND I have limited healing because I don’t have a healer. Make vulns heal for 15, give your lord the skill “Amaterasu” and remove all poison and the game would play a lot smoother. Your enemies are already threatening enough(Aharon cannot take a hit, at all.) without me having to worry about taking even more damage because I got hit 2 turns ago…


Tone down the ogre. Lower his HP and Speed because he just kills everything. If you want him to be unkillable, fine. Give me the hammer some other way. But if he is going to drop it make fighting him not completely luck based. Can the lord start with a second Vuln also? Enemies are fairly dangerous(For everyone other than amy) and without a healer some plays simply become too dangerous if I want to keep everyone alive.

Chapter 1

This plays well enough but there are a few small things like walls having too much HP and Poison that stops this chapter from being even better. The reinforcements aren’t too weak but you could make them appear a turn earlier(every 3rd turn instead of every 4th). The flow of this map would really improve if Walls 10 HP instead of 20. The party is still small so needing 2/6 units I have to break a wall slows you down more than you’d think and it makes the middle wall feel less useful that just going around it. The Pegasus was neat even if she sucks at combat, I suggest altering her stats a bit, maybe giving her an iron lance to increase her
usability. All the maps have archers in them so she can’t go wherever I would just like to see this unit do more than just open chests and deal less that 5 damage on player phase :confused: .

Chapter 2

Aharon is terrible, I hate him. Awful bases. Unusable without the already hard to get prologue Hammer because if he doesnt oneshot hit foe, he dies. I fact he can die from just about anything. I only bring him instead of the Knight because he has more mov and cant break the hammer. And I know what you might be thinking his bases cant be that bad

The "bases"


The chapter itself is fine, the right side of the map has a ton of terrain that helps the red guys more and the shops are too far away but that’s easy to solve. I’m not using the devil axe.

Chapter 3

Unfortunately I didn’t play it. The just doesn’t look fun. Cramped boats, sparse enemies, No poison but 1/4 of the enemies on the map have some kind of effective weapon and another 2/4 have access to 2 range. Also move that chest, I don’t care what’s in it. You could put the actual Fire Emblem in there and I wouldnt go grab it. Defeat the boss is not the kid of objective that works on this map and honestly I don’t know what you could do to make it more fun to play because I didn’t play it :confused:

Like no

While its rough I do think you can make improvements! The gameplay wasn’t terrible and the units are fun enough for me to want keep using them. I’d be happy to play this again in the future but please change to boat map, I really don’t want to play it

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Thank you for your feedback. I am still new at making hacks so I am glad for anyone willing to try my game out.

So I will go through your ideas/problems.


-I already gave a troudabour the “heal all in range” ability and even made it part of her dialouge and supports. But I do think about giving Zuiho the skill that she can’t be crit, what I think would help to ensure that bad luck doesn’t cause a game over.
-I can imagine replacing the poison weapons with “guard” weapons that give the user +2 def. I will keep the poison monster weapon, as I think the player having access to poison is no big problem, especially as it allows Artemis to have something of her own.


-Huh. I didn’t know you can actually defeat the ogre. Yeah, my intend was for him to be a walking timer that requires you to move to survive. But yeah I will change it. I won’t make the hammer dropable.
-I will make vulnearies heal more and give Zuiho one more. Yeah, that should make the healingless early game easier.

Chapter 1

-Yes, I should make the walls weaker. 10 HP helps the flow.
-And with those weaker walls I can make the reinforcements come in faster without problem.
-I will buff the pegasus knight in some way, maybe I can give her a monster effective weapon prf weapon. Considering monsters are prominent.

Chapter 2

-Oh my… Fighter’s bases are much than I expected. I should give him more HP and SPD. Damn…
-The idea behind the shops being far away is that reaching them requires you to make defending the town harder. That’s why the shop is far away. But I can maybe making it a bit higher on the map.

Chapter 3

Hmm… the intention of the map was that the boss slowly approaches you as you don’t have teh means to fight him but by opening the chest you obtain the defense ignoring light brand and first 1-2 range weapon of the game.
i can maybe keep this concept but design the map to be less linear, maybe putting boats above one another and maybe making it more reinforcement focused.
But yeah this map is a real “Let’s do it again” type of map.
I want to keep the idea of the introduction of 1-2 range and magic being a big deal, and it being a boss that turns from a big threat into a weakling because of that. But I will redesign the map.
Maybe I will make the map a circle of boats with two reinformemnt boats from each side and maybe the boss starts at the chest with the light brand and by splitting your army into two you can have the boss chase one half of the group as another grabs the light brand.
I at least hope that this approach will be better.
Here is a sketch to represent the layout of this new idea.

Thank you for your review! You can tell me what you think of these idea and/or I understood anything wrong.
But I hope that these ideas will make the game better.

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Came back and finished all 6 chapters from scratch, not much changed about my thoughts on the first 3 chapters

Chapter 3

Don’t know what to say about this map. It feels too easy and I plays very different from how I thought it’d play. The enemies somehow the weakest in this chapter when ordinarily they can deal descent damage. Stole the def booster gave it to Amy(the only good unit) and I also got the light brand. That thing is overrated. Uh also the devil axe was actually kind of handy for OHKOs so that is pretty neat. Ana has enough health to live a backfire, unless she crits… Thankfully that didn’t happen but it could have. The map is a bit too large for the enemy charging gimmick to be threatening IMO and you should probably make it smaller. Look at chapter 18 of engage, that probably might help what your going for.

Chapter 4

Desert map. Not just any desert map a balistta desert map. This map is 80% desert tiles. Thats bad. The troubadour with sleep also bad. The 3 balisttas(1 in the middle and 2 in each corner of the left side of the map)VERY bad. The unkillable 1-2 draco zombie that makes the fastest route to the Seize point unusable, why? Most of the enemies are mages/balistas so you just get out ranged the whole map. 2 of my unts died before the gargoyles even spawned(they also spawn behind you with no wanring and they have flyier movement so they catch up VERY fast) This map is actively the worst one IMO. Having played all 6 i want to come back to this one the least. I promoted Amy because promoting any other unit would have been actually throwing. The Dark mage is neat, killed by ballistae. The archer? Dead. How? Ballista. Olive died to, yes, a ballista but that wasn’t the bad part she was asleep. Spider died to Deathgoyle. The way this map is designed is annoying at best and malicious at worst. I would suggest remaking the map with less desert tiles and removing the sleep staff and 2 ballista. The dragon can stay but do you expect me to try and steal the red gems off of him? Other than that I’d say avoid desert maps, they suck.

Chapter 5

While not as bad as Chapter 4 this map also has some player hostile level design like the 2 sleep staff troubadours and 2 ballistae(seriously stop doing that) Sure I get a free restore staff but that doesn’t change the fact that this map feels bad to play. Also that starting place causes you to get stuck until you kill both troubadours. This map also has reinforcements that loop and they get harder to kill each time, that’s fine. The issue is how long it takes me to get up to the top leaves me with little chance of grabbing the treasures(especially considering the Hero spawn in the same room as one) I can end the map whenever so its not the worst but it’d be better if the maps flow allowed me to play faster. Also give me more deployment slots. 6 total is awful, especially when one spawns without a weapon.

Give me more deployment slots and make it so when a unit dies they’re inventory is sent to the convoy.
Tier list

Carried the game tier(SS)

  • Amy| Game is not playable without her, best combat unit by far and its not close
  • Zuiho| A dancer, thats it. Her combat and bulk suck but who cares

A tier

  • Ana| Second most competent combat unit, only good Axe unit. Lots of OHKOs with the Devil axe, falls off without promotion.
  • Nen| Healer, starts with restore. Mandatory.

B tier

  • Artemis| Spider struggles with damage and hit rates but can always help out. (Died)
  • Ann| Descent, struggles to kill after Shamshir breaks.
  • Maaz| Weak archer in a game where the only flier are in ch 2 and 5. BUT he OHKO’s he ch 2 ones (Died)
  • Vineet| Very good in his join chapter bar getting almost OHKO by ballista.(Died)

C tier

  • Ferrah| Nen but on a horse with canto, spawns without a weapon. :pensive:
  • Van| Weak and low HP. Can immediately use the silver bow but he might miss.
  • Duncan| Could be better but he needs a weapon, I only had the toxic lance :confused:

F tier

  • Rasia| Spawns without a weapon, one rounded by a generic :confused:
  • Laurel| Didn’t use

Aharon Tier

  • Aharon
Aharons bases


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Okay so about the rest

Chapter 3

Too easy, shoulkd be smaller to be more threatening. Look at chapter 18 of engage.

Chapter 4
  • Too much sand.
  • About the balistta map, I actually gave balistta’s a relatively small 5-8 but yeah I can probably remove the balistta in the middle and lessen the amount of sand.
  • Remake it to be more fun.
Chapter 5

-Too many sleep staff units and ballistae.
-Bad starting space.
-More deployment slots.

About the tier list:

Amy: Huh, I guess it shows how strong cavalier’s are. Funny how she is stronger than the “jagen” Artemis.

Aharon: I also never used Aharon now that I think about it. Really have to give him an edge in some way. I guess I just thought that him having an unbreakable killer axe is a great buff but still… a weakling in many ways lol.

The idea behind Ferrah, Van and Duncan spawning without a weapon is that they are captured and therefore a weapon for them is hidden in one of the chest. But yes, If I can imagine changing it so that maybe they have something, so that breaking out with them is a viable strategy.

Btw Raisa is actually a Valentia mage, she can use magic without needing tomes, that is explained in the story.


Fire Emblem - WIP.emulato amy is now weakr
I continue working on the game and I actually plan to add a new prolouge chapter where you get a second cav. The catch is that now both cavs have different weapon types, making Amy the lance using “Jouster” class now.

I hope a new unit in the early game helps a lot with the pacing and that this while still leaving Amy strong, makes her a bit more balanced. (Knights do keep their Axe and Lance combo since I think they deserve a second weapon type in base class.)


I read your responses to feedback given for the current release in hopes of providing actually valuable and not redundant feedback, though I apologise if that still ends up happening. Also, I will quickly rehash points that I believe are significant enough.


-The story and supports definitely need to be developed more, but I kinda of feel like an ass for criticising this considering how the hack is very clearly in early stages lol. I will say, though, that I had a fun time with the what’s there for the story.

-Units should be able to move after supports! Most modern FE hacks have this ability, which I expected given this is a skillsys hack, and nope-it resulted in a game over because I couldn’t dance. This caused me to stop viewing supports, and in general is just a nasty surprise for the modern FE player.

-The units generally aren’t the most fun to use, and everyone sucks compared to amy anyways.


-The opening text is definitely in a weird position, and I’m not sure if you’ve figured this out by the next release, but febuilder has a function called “Display textbox (system message) explanation text” that actually puts text in a text box at the center of the screen. I believe you used one of the conversation text functions instead, which is a mistake I made when I was new to febuilder causing the same issue lol

-The protagonist is actually fantastic at combat in this chapter due to their insane speed, and their survivability and the pretty weak enemies in this chapter. Maybe lower their speed and hp a little bit, unless your intent is for them to be facing combat. In their current state, though, they’re basically a slightly nerfed myrmidon. I didn’t use them for combat after this (a dancing protag isn’t the most interesting from a gameplay perspective since they’re always going to dance and not much else) but given the low enemy speed, these traits probably hold true throughout the rest of the earlygame to some extent.

-Why does the jagen spider have a poison weapon? It does less damage, has far too low of a hit rate to ever be practical, and in general poison doesn’t have much player utility other than degenerate boss kill strats. As for their combat, i think their difficulty doubling is fine, but they could potentially deal more damage to compensate. They also have a pretty low skill for being a jagen. Otherwise, though, they serve their purpose fine.

-Amy is completely and utterly busted. She can double everything she needs to, can use the shadow sword to immediately demolish all fiend units, is a cavalier with far better move than her utility deserves (canto too?), and her defense stat renders her pretty much invincible for the purposes of this hack. Sure, that’s fun and all, but… cmon… at the very least, she should have her growth rates lowered SIGNIFICANTLY. They’re among the best in the game to top it all off… it almost feels like a joke how hard she carries

-The enemies don’t do much other than be annoying. I don’t think the map being large hurts it too much actually, though, as it allows player a reasonable amount of time to visit the houses before getting ganked by the ogre. I found this map to be fun, but it’s way too easy currently, especially given this difficulty is technically the hardest.

-Unless you think it genuinely makes sense for the hack, I wouldn’t give more vulneraries or have them heal more earlygame. Fire Emblem is a STRATEGY game, and giving the player unique challenges in aspects such as limited healing is part of that. Your design choices regarding the game are YOUR choice, and your view of what the difficulty should be is up to YOU, not some random less skilled player. I would largely ignore criticism that boils down to “hard mode was too hard for me.” Isn’t that the entire point? Also, bro killed the ogre that is literally just meant to gank you no questions asked-obviously he’s gonna have less healing. That’s another thing regarding difficulty changes-if your intent is for the player to get fucking s e n t by the ogre, then don’t change that either. It provides a fun and interesting challenge.

Chapter 1

-I like the idea of having a flying theif, but the are irredeemably awful, and can’t even do good chip damage. If they can’t fight in any way, they’re just MORE of a liability because they can’t take any shots from bows either, so they might as well just be a 7 move thief. They can’t even use their flight in the chapter to any significant extent.

-The bottom right is quadrant of the map is very boring, and feature nothing except a single chest. Maybe have enemies spawn from down there around the same time the antiturtle does, in order for it to have a purpose other than sending someone random to get the chest.

-I love when archers have the “do a line of crack before combat” skill. He’s worse at combat than the cav, though, and in general, the best way to give archers utility is to make them have among the best player phase combat. He also suffers from low speed. I like him though. One thing that would also help him a lot would be a shadow weapon

-I actually really liked this map. One thing that does strike as strange about it is the reinforcements-they come every 4 turns until turn 16? I completed the map in 6 turns, and I can’t imagine it taking the average player more than 10 turns, essentially making all reinforcement waves after the first entirely irrelevant. There are many solutions to this, though. You could make the reinforcements come earlier and more frequently, or you could make them actually intimidating. Either way, this had nothing to do with my enjoyment of the map, and is a pretty easy fix.

Chapter 2

-I generally am not the biggest fan of defend maps, so my thoughts do naturally come with a pretense, but this chapter is fucking boring. There is literally a single side objective you need to consider moving at all to obtain, and it’s a useless weapon that serves no purpose other than sel-oh, i guess it isn’t worth shit either.

-This is easily the map that has the most interesting design, which is why it’s such a shame it’s also easily the most boring. If anything, I would change the objective, and redesign the gameplay, but keep the map, because it looks like it could be an interesting rout map, where defending could be a secondary objective. I would increase deployment limit to maximum if you end up doing something like this, as well as remove a lot of the forests as they just slow things down a lot. It could be pretty fun, but as of now, it really isn’t any fun.

-Axe bro has 3 SKILL? WHY? Other than that he could be worse though. His HP is less that desirable, but he’s pretty meh.

-Laurel, his infinite defense, and his solid combat are more than enough reason to bench the pegasus, but low move sucks and I love pegasus knights lol.

Chapter 3 doesn’t look any fun, and looking inside febuilder, chapter 4 isn’t much to look forward to.

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Yeah… I want to redesign Chapter 3 if I ever revisit. I also want to give Chapter 4 a bigger redesign. And that redesign Chapter 2 idea does sound pretty good.

Thank you for your feedback. I consider your ideas.
I actually plan to buff everyone and like… nerf Amy a lot, even going so far to make her class lance only and add a sword cav to compensate.

But yes. I will take your ideas into account.

Do you have any specific ideas for the story? I am thinking about adding in more chapters in the time of the story I already had.
Do you have any supports you really liked/disliked? So I can nudge the writing in the right direction and/or rewrite some stuff?

And yeah, I will keep the low healing meta. After all I did design the game in a way that even in the story Zuiho is like “I would really love some magic users”. Plus I think this helps the world feel more mortal as you don’t have healing.

But I do still consider giving Zuiho the “Can’t be crit” skill because I don’t want Zuiho to be randomly crit. But I can use this as a reason to give Zuiho low luck, as she cannot be crit anyhow and therefore she doesn’t need luck to survive.

But deeply thanks for your feedback!


I still have a few maps I made from the first version of the game. I am thinking about maybe reworking some of them into this version.

(Yes, there is a LT Version of this game. While very diferent, it does have some similar characters. Like it still has Amy, Zuiho and Artemis. Even though Zuiho had no swords and Artemis used dark magic. I may release this old version of “Dance of Glory” for archiving purposes. But still, I think I can maybe revive some of those map I made for it.)


By the way, I would appreciate feedback on if any maps look like they have potential to be a fun map.

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