Custom Weapon - animation only half working?

  • Hacking method: FEBuilder

  • Base Game: FE8

  • Steps to reproduce:
    I created a new item, basically an accurate javelin, for the use of a Recruit unit that appears early in this hack I’m working on. I copied and pasted the javelin item page onto a dummy item as my starting point.

The custom javelin appears in game, has all the right text, icon, stats. Can be used by the recruit and only by the recruit. The issue comes when the javelin is used in battle.

The animation… kind of works? The recruit raises the javelin up like any other ranged lance. Throws it… and then it disappears. The enemy doesn’t dodge. It doesn’t flash with a hit animation. Its health doesn’t drop.

Then when battle is over, the enemy has lost health, as if the javelin DID hit it.

I’m not sure what’s going on. Why is the custom weapon’s animation not causing the enemy to react in anyway?

The animation for the javelin flying, hitting the enemy, and inflicting damage is considered a magic animation, not a part of the unit’s animation. Your problem is that you haven’t assigned it the javelin magic animation.

Is the animation data for the javelin properly set?

Go to your item and click Edit Magic Animations(Indirect effects)

Then make sure it has the Javelin spell set for its battle animation. If there’s nothing set, you get this issue.
If your weapon isn’t present at all, expand the table in the Magic Animations to include it.

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That worked! Who would have thought that a javelin was magic! Hah!

I mean, I understand the second half of it, once the projectile leaves the sprite… it’s a projectile, just like a fireball, so it needs some kind of distinct animation. Definitely sent me for a loop.

Thank you so much Serif and Pengie for your quick replies!!!