Custom Thunder Magic problems

So in this image I added the thunder magic from the repo and it works when it hits but it freezes the game if it is dodged. I’ve tried the other thunder animations and gotten the same effect happening

Are you using CSACreator?
if so, apply the “Fix dodge to front glitch” patch.

However, this patch is only on FE8U / FE8J.

No since this is FE7 that is having the issue.

Edit: Okay I got it to work again. I used a backup file and used the CSA version 2 patch and it seems to have got it working on dodge. Is the FEditor CSA patch no good? I used that the first time, I think?

That’s strange.
Normally, it should be the opposite.
CSAcreator requires “Fix dodge to front glitch” patch.
FEditorAdv should be fine.
I verified with FE8.

Does that mean it is the opposite in FE7?

From some testing on a clean ROM, yeah. The CSA ver.2 worked while the FEditor CSA doesn’t fix it for FE7