Custom music for Black Dragon

Hello all,

Not really sure this actually fits into the Creative category, but whatever.
I’ve mentioned in a few places that I compose music. To give my ROMHack a bit more identity compared to others on the site, I’ve decided to put that skill to use and compose a handful of original pieces of music for the project. I’ve collated the tracks in a playlist on my YouTube channel, which you can check out here:

I’ll be adding to the playlist every day, so feel free to check in if you find you like any of the songs listed.


Pretty epic RPG vibes coming from those tracks. Keep it up m’dude!

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Thanks! I look forward to releasing a version of this hack that people will want to play past the first chapter, lol.

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I have to say that my favourite is “Dance of the Dark Wolf” but all of them are quite good, looking forward to see more of your work.

This stuff all sounds really good! I especially like the map theme one.

So I promise I won’t spam replies to this thread in an effort to astroturf it into continued relevance, but I will occasionally drop in whenever I upload a track I’m particularly proud of to my channel. Case in point: