Custom Generic Palettes for Custom Animation? [Solved]

Hey all. As the title says, I was wondering how you would go about making the palettes for ally, enemy, and npc for custom animations? I know there’s a tutorial out there that shows how to change the palette for the original animations. I wasn’t sure if the process is the same for custom animations or not, so I thought I’d ask here.

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yes the process is pretty much the same
Basically the process i use to do it is:

  1. make your animation
  2. insert it with feditor
  3. create the generic palettes
  4. compress then insert the generic palettes
    follow this guide if you don’t already know how to insert it Compressed Generic Palette editing
  5. reopen the rom in feditor and check if you’ve inserted it properly. If you’ve done it right, feditor will show the animation with the new generic player palette
  6. rip the animation with feditor, the ripped animation will keep the generic palette so that you don’t have to do this all over again the next time you use said animation

tbh this is somewhat tedious and I’m hoping somebody knows a better way to do this. This is the way I’ve inserted generic palettes for all the animations I’ve uploaded


After FEditor spits out the .file, open it in a hex editor. Scroll all the way to the bottom, as the last 0x80 bytes are the four generic palettes (player, enemy, npc, and arena 4 in that order). Just edit the colors there.

Also, if you look through FEditor’s doc, it should have some information about what specific colors to use if you want generic palettes generated automatically for you. This feature has been a little hit and miss for me in the past, though.


Well I gave it a go and it worked! Thank you to the both of you for answering my question!