Custom Battle Sprites question

Hi, I am new here:) And… eh…maybe question first. So, I’m trying to repoint the table of Custom Battle Sprite table in order to expand unique animation slot for some characters in FE7. I don’t know how to take the first step…

I also found the same question from Temp when I went through the forum. Hm…Does that need some operations in ASM routine?Anyway, can anyone help me? And, I’m sorry I cannot reply

PS: this place is pretty awesome!!!

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Have you read this tutorial yet?

Yep. I know how to handle repointing. Eh…my actual problem is the heading address of unique battle sprite table(each sprite formed by 4 bytes) cannot be found in ROM when I transfer it to pointer. After subtracting four bytes from that address, I get result at the beginning of ROM. I’m afraid to change that pointer(or maybe not…) because it seems a part of ROM routines.

Does it mean that you haven’t tried it yet?

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You are right. I should try it first. I will come back to post my condition.

Alright…It works. Hm…Maybe I should do some operations before asking questions. Anyway, thank your guys for replying my question;)

Glad to hear that. :smile: