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So yeah. Some of you might know me as Luminescent Blade. You may have seen some of my older works. Anyway, this is my art thread. Link to my tumblr in the title if you want to follow that.

Assassin Thor design. I’m a fan of Assassin’s Creed, I’m a fan of Thor. I combined both.

My entry for the AC4 official contest over at tumblr. Featuring Edward Kenway and some burning boat.

Slight Kjelle redesign. Design notes please see the tumblr post.

Class-appropriate design for my MU in FEA. Here’s pencil sketches for her three most-used classes.

Chinese Assassin design. Inspired by a multicultural Assassin’s Creed cosplay post.

This one was made because my professor decided to make his students do spriting this semester but didn’t do it with us when I took it last year. I was annoyed so I made this and sent it to him.

Design: Thor-inspired ball gown. Black tulle over red satin with gold embellishments and silver pieces to resemble his armor.

Quick character design sketchpaint for Thyra from Dream of Five. Maybe I’ll do the other characters eventually. Renair could do with some new art too.

So yeah I’ll try to keep this updated to new stuff I make I guess


[10:56:08 AM] God of Thunder and Lord of Bunnies: anyway i made an art post
[10:56:14 AM] God of Thunder and Lord of Bunnies: go throw tomatoes at it or something

no tomato throwing gifs? c’mon internets

But actually it’s all great. If only FE13’s armorknights didn’t look like rocketships, Kjelle probably would’ve been one of my favorites. And the Thor bunny is fantabulous.


seriously no tomato throwing gifs? internet you disappoint me

Yeah I kinda just
“I could draw the rocket pauldrons, or I could just not”

So I went with not

FE13 armorknights are quite possibly the worst combination of design and animation (that slide, ugh).

You, on the other hand, do armor magnificently.

Indeed. FE13 kinda has some of the worst class designs overall. Some of them are surprisingly good but…not the majority.


Now we just need Sully without a toilet for armor


coincidentally I did draw a Sully a while back, though I think I screwed up the proportions. It’s supposed to be symmetrical,though. I just was kind too lazy to draw the armor on to the other arm so i left it that way to show her awesome biceps instead. Which she should totally have instead of the cookie cutter female build that exists in FE13.

Might just do another one for her since character-wise, she’s my favorite. Always thought it was stupid that female cavalier lacked the pauldrons, too. What are they gonna do, get their arms chopped off? And the no pants. urgh. So much chafing.

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Whoever did the original FE13 armor designs had a fascination with really high, heavy gorgets and nothing else armorwise. Maybe the continent had a huge decapitation issue in the past and blacksmiths were really keen on stopping it. Maybe everyone just aims for the head all the time.

To be fair, that is a surefire way to kill someone. Stab them really hard? Might miss the vitals, could still live under certain conditions. Chop their head off? Nope. Dead. Splat.

With the toilet armor it made a bit more sense in conjunction with the helmets, which are worn by the enemies. But since player cavs do not wear the helmets, it looked utterly ridiculous.

to be fair huge, exaggerated collars have been a staple in the fire emblem series for as long as capes draped across the chest have

speaking of capes

lol eziocapethis is actually really nice I don’t know how I haven’t seen it yet

ass creed has seeped through everything i do

so I read and watched some jojo and jotaro is my fav chararacter

so I sprited him FE style


Play the fighting game if you can. The art and animation are both fantastic. (And it’s surprisingly good for a licensed IP fighter).

Alas, I lack a ps3. They should make a pc port or something because I really do want to play it.

Continuing the Jojo train, I drew Thor in one of Joseph’s poses. Fabulous jojo posing for everyone.


inspired lumi is best lumi

bah i need to practice with a tablet more. nice arts lumi I particularly like your coloring style.

And also we now have a logo. Thanks to @luminescentblade!

Thanks c:

more jojos


itsamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*-deep breath-*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagicaladventure

its soo beautiful.

in all serious the color and background look great the body structures look good, but i feel there could be more expression on the faces but whateves.

yeah expressions aren’t my strong suit

oh well

more for practice

anyway the jojotrain is still rolling

less dolphin rides more coloring style experiments