Crisis 2 is giving me a crisis(My hacking problem of the week? Month? What day is it?)

so I wanted to port crisis 2 from fe4 to fe8 so I ripped the song into a midi changed a few things around and it sounded good… in FLS/Anvil (obviously I tried both)… And then I imported it… and it sound loud obnoxious and for some reason notes play at completely weird times can someone please help me out of this hole.

I just threw it into a random Rom and it sounds absolutely fine. Are you sure you are using a valid instrumenttable and none of the instruments are set to be dummyinstruments? Because that is the only way I can imagine this could go wrong.

instruments are fine, it’s probably just me being picky and wanting it to sound better than it can.
but the weird part is the sequnce of four notes that plays at the beginning should not be there
it should only be after the first ‘trill’ of the clarinet. as well as it seems to have random points where it just repeats for no reason.

never mind i just copy pasted all the notes to a new song and shits fixed