Create a passive CO ability

In Advance Wars some COs provide passive abilities, as above. If we were to have specialist commanders of armies in fire emblem, what abilities would they provide to all units? And what would their starting party of ~3 units look like?


Magic +3. Mage, Monk, Shaman.


Crit rate is doubled. Myrmidon, Pirate, Archer.

Mounted Madness

Mounts have canto+. Sword Cavalier, Lance Cavalier, Nomad.


Weapons with full durability in supply at the end of the chapter gain +10 bonus durability (max 63). Lord, Paladin, Merchant.


Party gains 500 gold when visiting any house/village for the first time. Shop prices cut by 33%. Mercenary, Axe Cavalier, Transporter

Pirate Captain
All infantry and armor units can waterwalk. Any units that can naturally waterwalk have the movement cost of water reduced by 1. Pirate, Myrmidon, Archer

Grit Sniper
Increases range of bows and ballistae by 1. +4 Damage when attacking at range. -4 damage when attacking at melee range. Archer, Mage, Bow Cavalier/Nomad

All-Out Offense
When units double, their second attack occurs before the foe can counterattack. Units cannot double on enemy phase. Myrmidon, Pegasus Knight, Axe Cavalier

When units attack or are attacked at melee range, enemies within 2 spaces of unit are poisoned/inflicted with stat debuffs. Soldier, Shaman, Fighter


Steel Charge
All armors have +1 move, but all mounts have -1 move (very viable). Axe Armor, Sword Armor, Lance Armor

Faith in Potential
All units have +10% to all growths, but stat booster bonuses are halved. Lord, Villager, Archer


Struggle against fate
All units gain +15 dodge and +15 crit avoid while below half health, while at full health, crit avoid is set to 0. Myrmidon, Thief, Shaman.

Togheter we strive
All units gain +1 damage dealt/-1 damage taken for each adjacent unit, while no ally is adjacent -2 damage dealt/+2 damage taken. Sword cavalier, Axe armor, Pegasus knight.


I actually had a pretty crazy (probably bad unless it goes through careful balancing) idea of implementing Yggdra Union-style cards, but instead of special moves and movement, each of those cards is like a Days of Ruin CO that provides passive bonuses to all allied units within a commander’s range of influence. The idea is that each commander has several cards and they can swap them out depending on their strategy (and each card has a set limit of turn uses per battle, so you can’t cheese using only the overpowered ones). I thought of quite a few ones xD I’ll spare you the more normal ones, but here are the gimmick ones.

Battle Prep
+4 Mov. -2 to all stats, and can’t make attack actions during player phase.

Small range of influence. +4 Atk, +3 Spd, -5 Def, gain Pass ability.

Small range of influence. +3 Def during enemy phase for every allied unit within two squares of the commander.

Valkyrie Brigade
+3 Atk, +3 Mag for every female unit under influence.

Chivalrous Brigade
Same but for male units.

And the crazy one, probably enemy-exclusive, held by the boss of some Victory or Death-like map:
Knight Unison
Very large area of influence. +0.5 Atk, +1 Def for every unit under influence. -1 Mov.
(The idea is that the commander is at the center of the formation, untouchable, and the way to make him vulnerable is to kill most of their army first)


For every 2% hit over 50, 1% hit is instead converted to crit (for example, 58% hit and 0% crit would become 54% hit and 4% crit).
Berserker, Brigand, Archer.

Defence bonus from terrain is also added to damage, and all infantry units are capable of moving over peaks at the cost of 5 move.
Druid, Brigand, Mage.

Every third turn, movement +1 for that turn.
Swordmaster, Thief, Monk.

After battle, enemy units lose 10% of their max HP and player units heal 10% of their max HP. EXP is gained at 90% of the normal rate.
Wyvern Lord, Mercenary, Shaman.

Units deal and take +2 damage and move through terrain unimpeded, except in snow. Meteor tomes also damage all units in a 2x2 diamond around the target tile.
Bishop (FE3), Wyvern Lord, General.

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My favorite idea. Translates Hawke to FE very well while not being op.

My own concept would be:

Lucky Star/Nell
Luck stat is added to crit. Plus, all units have the miracle skill effect.
Monk, Bishop, random unpromoted healer.

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Opening Gambit
When engaging with foes that are at 100% HP, all units prolong combat by one round
Paladin, Mage Knight, Valkyrie

For each adjacent ally unit, every unit gains +2 Def, +2 Res, and +15 Crit Avoid
Soldier, Armor Knight, Archer

Units with no allies within 3 spaces gain +2 mov at the start of their turn
Brigand, Hunter, Myrmidon

One with Fate
Units all have -30 Crit Avoid; Units will all live any attack from above 1 HP unless already at 1 HP.
Sage, Pegasus Knight, Priest

Blade Breaker
When Units initiate combat at 1 range, if foe can counter, then after combat that foe’s equipped weapon loses 15 durability.
Paladin, Warrior, Mercenary


A pair of COs that effect Growths vs Bases, but at cost, like

Units have + 10%-15% to growths, but receive 80% experience
Units: Trainees (Pupil, Woodsman, Villager)

Units have +2 to base stats, but items cost 20% more
Units: General, Druid, Halberdier