Crazycolorz5's brainstorms/notes on things to do if we want FE7 Pair Up in the future

1:12 Well it's just an example.
1:13 PAIR UP
1:13 IN FE7
1:13 I'd personally look to borrow the brave weapon module
1:13 wow
1:13 pair up would be an intense project
1:13 THAT IS HACKERISH and doable, except it'd be rescue still
1:13 Well, conceivable I can hack the rescue code but eehh
1:13 The actual battle modifications wouldn't be too back because I've documented them to
1:13 you'd also need to like... invert rescue...
1:13 because with pair up, the unit going to pair up goes in the back
1:13 An absurd degree
1:14 whereas with rescue, the rescuing unit is in front
1:14 I know
1:14 That shouldn't be too bad
1:14 Maybe
1:14 That's be the most difficult part
1:14 Then tracking down the part that applies the penalties and change it to bonuses
1:14 Hack the getter for boosted stats and consider the rescued unit.
1:15 Umm…. removing the check for Aid
1:15 The only thing I can't do is switch...
1:15 b/c fe7 has give and drop…. idk can give transfer?

can I… scream “I don’t want pair ups”? D:


huh, yeah sure.
I was just brainstorming on stuff we need to do if we want it in he future and didn’t want to waste a perfectly good brainstorm.

I don’t mean to sound like dismal dan or negative neal, I’ve just personally always hated pair up because it breaks any sort of balance almost instantly.

But brainstorms are always cool :open_mouth:

lol, actually, I agree. I like rescue better. You can get units out of the way and stuff.