Could you beat every Fire Emblem Game in 24 hours?

Hey everyone My name is JBR, In this video right here I dive into the question of “Could you beat every Fire Emblem game in 24 hours?” It’s actually quite interesting and shocking and I had a ton of fun researching for this video!


There’s no beating heroes, that’s for sure

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Not with that attitude.


Complicated but possible

I think Genealogy is beatable within 24 hours on second playthrough afterwards

Well if there’s 16 games in 24 hours you get 1.5 hours per game.

Given that PoR alone would be a 4 hour speedrun I’m gonna have to say no.

Now if you play multiple games at once, you may get a bit closer, but it would take a considerable amount of skill and expertise from the runner.

I’d say you could clear the series in 15 hours if you run multiple games at a time, but I don’t know what human being would want to do such an ungodly thing.

EDIT: a PoR speedrun is 2 hours not 4, guess that’s what I get for not checking in roughly 7 years


If it wasn’t for Geneology it’s actually quite possible. I don’t know if you watched the video but there’s
multiple games under an hour and a couple under 30 minutes.

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if it is possible it would most likely require a lot of glitches to skip long maps and a lot of Genealogy

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genealogy takes up like a solid 20% of the total time lmao

Here’s the follow-up video addressing all your concerns!

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It depends on if you consider FE3 book 1 and 2 one game.

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seems possible