Could someone help me collapse a castle? (spriting)

I’ll get straight to the point.


This might sound like a stupid request, but I need help with this castle, in my game there’s an event where this castle is destroyed (yes the whole thing) and I am personally way to inexperienced of a pixel artist to make that happen. So I’d like some help ^^"

Alternatively, if you know a sprite like this already exists (It can be any 3x3 castle, as long as it has an intact and destroyed variant) and is free to use, then linking me to where I can find that sprite would also be highely appreciated!

If you’re interested in collapsing a castle, then hit me up. :smiley:

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When I had a castle get destroyed in my hack, I just arranged the destroyed village tiles to look like rubble, mostly avoiding the tiles with the outer fence. It may not be perfect, but it’s an option.

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Good suggestion, but unless I found different rubble/ruin tiles it’s not gonna work

Here for example I could just rearrange the sprites and it would probably look like a unique ruin, though the problem here is that you can clearly see the grass under it.

In my game the castle collapses and buries everyone inside (killing them obviously) which you can’t really get accross with just rearranging these tiles since there’s so much “Empty” Space.

Thanks for the suggestion though, I might use this for when I want something less important destroyed-

How’s this?


(Feel free to edit etc)


DANG! That looks epic!

Thank you so so much! You’re saving me here ^^
I’ll put your name in the credits (I’m assuming you made this :smiley: )


Yup, made it just now. No problem, and good luck with your project!