Could any of these FE1 mechanics be implemented with FEBuilder?

  • No weapon triangle
  • 4-slot inventory
  • Promotion raises stats to the new class base stats
  • Physical hit rate is Skill x1, not Skill x2
  • Magical hit rate isn’t boosted by Skill
  • Avoid is Speed x1, not Speed x2
  • Luck doesn’t increase hit rate or physical avoid, or reduce enemy crit rate. Instead it increases crit rate and magic avoid.
  • Weapon level is a stat with a growth
  • Magic types are lumped together, i.e. there is no anima, light, dark split
  • Enemy units have a stat that displays how much EXP they are worth. In addition, any recruited enemy starts with the experience they had. EXP earned from battles that don’t result in enemy kills is determined by how much damage dealt by player units, capping at 20.
  • EXP gain does not scale to level in any way; a level 10 Paladin gains the same amount of XP from killing an enemy that a level 1 Cavalier does
  • If you decide to send a unit into an arena, they will enter with whatever weapon they have equipped at the time, and will degrade its uses with each round of combat, which can potentially leave your unit defenseless if you’re not careful. Add the fact that there’s no way to yield a fight in the arena, and this makes using the arena a very risky venture. Conversely, the arena also gives a ridiculously high payout, up to ten times what you bet, when in later games, that number is only double.
  • Every odd-numbered level after the first, the enemy gains +3 to HP and +1 to Strength, Skill, Speed, Defense, and Weapon Level
  • Characters can’t trade, only give

About the weapon triangle, there’s a section in FEBuilder called Weapon Triangle, you can set the list to have 0 elements
About merging the magic types, just set every single tome to only one magic type.
Noy sure about the rest, since it involves messing with the formulas the game uses.

-1. Yes, just set every value to 0.
-2. Possibly, but would require extensive hacking
-3. As above.
-4. There’s a patch for that afaik.
-5., 6, 7. Hacking required.
-8. Yes, just set all spells as for example anima and rename anima to magic.
-9. That’s in FE1?
-10. EXP formula is in the patches, you can toy with it.
-11, 12. Probably possible, needs extensive hacking though.
-13. Sadly no, maybe with asm.

I already tried doing a 1:1 recreation of FE1, it would be a hard project.

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How can I rename “Anima” to “Magic”?

Search for anima in the text editor. Replace all.

I know the “no weapon triangle” and “all Magic is just one weapon type” things could be done incredibly easily, and for the enemy level ups, you’d probably need ASM to get it working exactly how it does in FE1 but it should be easy enough to alter generic class growths to fit that same stat curve.