Could a multiplayer-style dungeon work?

Hey everybody. So I have an idea for a ROM hack I’d like the FEU community’s opinions on. This is just to gauge interest in the concept as well as to gauge if it would be feasibly possible.

The main idea of the hack would be it would be played in the style of a lite D&D game in which a handful of players would work together to complete the campaign. My initial idea was to make a proof-of-concept hack of around 5-7 chapters, with the simple concept of the group being mercenaries hired to take out, shocking, the local bandit clan. I know, 10/10 story, they should write a novel about it.

How would this work? The DM (Dungeon Master, or Game Master, however you call it) would boot up the hack on their device, and then boot up the program Parsec. For those who do not know, Parsec is essentially the PC equivalent of the Nintendo DS/3DS Download Play system. One person who has the game can send a link out to whoever they please. That person will click that link, go through Parsec themselves and be connected to the host’s PC, allowing them to play the game. Yes, you can restrict access to only the game for security reasons. Each player would take turns in an order, determined at the discretion of the DM. This hack would be made around Casual Mode due to the small player unit number & not having somebody get knocked out of the game.

What do you guys think of this idea?

  • Is this concept reasonably possible in a campaign setting?
  • Would you play such a ROM hack if one was made?
  • Is there anything you’d like to see in a potential proof-of-concept hack?

Please answer those 3 questions in some form or another in your replies. Thank you!


Eya, I really like this concept, when i saw the Mangs dungeon video, the first thing i thought was, “I really whant to do this with my firends” even thought they have never played a FE in their lives, i just really like the idea.

So, about your questions:
1- I think it would be possible to do a campaing surrounding this idea, you could do a chapter or two per play or something, it depends on chapter length and number of players, but i think its possible.

2- Yes

3- Yes, of course.

Thought the only weak point of this is if you want to personalize the experience for your friends, you would need to a few edits on the Rom.
So yes, this “Dungeons” Concept is really cool, at least for me.

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Yeah the consept sounds great.

sould be able to be in a campain setting. idk who it would work. probably along the lines of 1 map per session?

I would totally try to get my friends to try it out

This actually booted up an idea in my mind. As a dnd DM. a consept of letting your players choose their classes and groths (with a set cap like 320 or 350) would be a great time probably. also i have a vague idea of how a in-between chapter could work… like apart from your idea. if there was to be a more dnd-ish hack. were there is an Inn chapter the players go back to. and talking to some Npc’s(quest givers) lets them choose witch mapt to play next or puts them in a series of maps.

(very sorry if my reply is in a bad format. i’t my first time writting something this long in this site lol)


1 - I do a one-shot of these every year with my friends. As long as you have the time to spare, you should be able to extend out into an adventure/campaign.

2 - I would be extremely unlikely to play one of these if it was made. Part of the charm of the original is the in-jokes woven into the unit and map design. You could probably use FEU fandom memes if that’s what you were going for, but since my friends are not in the community at all, there’d be less appeal, and a generic quest lacks the personalization that comes along with classic TTRPGs.

3 - Agree with JDL about choosing classes/growths, this would at least help with the personalization element. Although difficult, on-the-fly selection of portraits would be cool as well. Besides that, I think a variety of side objectives (with multiple methods of completion/failure if possible) would add to the agency of the players so they’re not just focused on/bickering about playing efficiently, and are instead bickering about whether to do cool dumb thing which is a more fun type of bickering IMO.