Coronavirus Emblem (quick and dirty meme hack, not much has changed)

It’s standard Skill System FE8, except there’s a few notable differences:

  1. Every weapon in the game now poisons on contact.
  2. Poison’s minimum damage has been quadrupled, from 1 HP to 4 HP.
  3. Restore staves, now called “Modern Medicine”, now require A Staves.
  4. Antitoxins are now called “Quarantine Juice”.
  5. The above two items are now absent from every regular shop in the game. The only way to get them is by either killing enemies that drop them, stealing them, or by visiting overworld secret shops.
  6. They are also significantly more expensive, so don’t count on being able to load up on them and still afford good weapons.
  7. Nosferatu and the Runesword now grant Sol and poison, rather than having the original Nosferatu effect, because you can’t have them both poison and sap HP. Eclipse grants Savage Blow, and Stone is completely unchanged. Any weapon that normally poisoned now innately has Poison Strike.

Have fun not dying to COVID-19!
Download here! Patch to a vanilla FE8-U ROM.

huge shout out to @7743 for FEBuilder, the Skill System guys for the Skill System, @Jeorge_Reds for the 3H-esque skill icons that aren’t default, @Mikey_Seregon, Kenpuhu, and @Mariode for the skill animations, and uh yeah that’s about it have fun


I don’t know if I love this or hate this idea.


Hate. Hate 100%.


First and foremost,




… why does this exist?

I’ve gotten a few questions about this project, so let me answer the elephant in the room:

No, we do not have any plans to delete this project. It may be a little bit on the nose, but it doesn’t actually break any of the site rules.


aww come on, @Snakey1 worked tooth and nail on Poison Rework and you didn’t include it in a poison-themed hack? i am sad


Yay! Some of my icons are being used. :smiley:

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Turns are going to take so long with all the poison damage/Ailment being afflicted.

Man, if you’re gonna make a poor taste meme hack, at least put a bit more effort into it.

  • Poisoned units should infect adjacent units at the end of turn (self isolate to win)
  • Make poison last for longer and persist between battles
  • Rename vulneraries to hand sanitizier (or toilet paper, I guess).

Etc etc


i would but i’m bad at hacc

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This just seems in exceptionally poor taste given that people are… ya know… dying from this… every day? Like right now?

Even if something like this doesn’t explicitly break the rules, I’d argue that something like this could deserve not to exist on FEU getting back to the “if it’s in very poor taste” argument.


Not sure if it’s an argument at all, but Mekkah did a Coronavirus challenge with FE7 that effectively was just “units can’t stand next to each other or else they can’t be deployed next chapter” and seemed to be a half-joke half awareness raising thing since it was offering advice and such.

So, I do think there is a place for the theme, but I agree the presentation is stepping on a line and teasingly hovering a leg over the other side.


This is my favorite hack.


glad at least someone liked it lol

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I’m enjoying it alot myself so thank you :+1:t2:

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As someone with an auto immune disease I fully support this hack and everything it’s about <3


What about Poison weapons? Are they unchanged? Because if everything poisons they become pointless.

Poison weapons have baked-in Poison Strike in addition to poisoning