Cool as heck looking Criticals Topic

Post the coolest critical hits you know of here, custom or not. Heck, you can post non-FE stuff here too. but only if it’s cool enough.

Here’s one from FE5.

These are all ingame too, done for an FE6 LP recently completed on Something Awful by a guy named vilkacis.

LP link if interested: (might be behind the SA Paywall right now, I don’t know for certain)


Hector is Star Platinum confirmed.

Aren’t all of these from Omni’s FE6 hack?

No, vilkacis did these all on his own for LP humor purposes.

Has this guy added any feditor animations to the fandom or…?

vilk’s animations are legendary.

Oh huh, he made the Lalum with Staves animation and the FE8 Bonewalker w/axe.

Oops no wait, that was Vilkalizer.