Convincing ways recruiting someone into the army

I’m back for opinions (nyehehehe ya’ll thought I was done with these? HA think again).
The title says it all. What are some Convincing reasons to recruit someone without the ever unrealistically “hey you look cool asf join us now” or the vice versa “hey ya’ll look cool imma join ya’ll now”. Or even better, What are some intresting ways to recruit someone.



bribery is always fun, if not frustrating if you’re broke


While this is hilarious, I’m angry she doesn’t say “That guy”.


I was just looking back at a series of recruitment convos I wrote. Each playable character would have a totally unique dialogue with the recruitee, and to keep things fresh, I didn’t want all of them to have the exact same reasoning for recruiting this character.

Reasons offered:
“We’re conscripting you to fight the enemy!” (Noble characters from power)
“You want to make new friends? Come with us!” (Casual characters with lackadaisical personalities)
“You’ve lost people in the war? So have I. Come with me and avenge your fallen comrades!” (Characters with vendetta problems)
“You need money? Join the army and the prince will make sure you get paid!” (Mercenary type)
“If you think I’M attractive, you should see all the other hot people in our army.” (Narcissistic character)
“You think you can avoid me because I’m annoying? Nuh-uh! We’re best friends, and I’m joining your army!” (Uno reverse where the recruiting character doesn’t want to recruit the recruitee but the recruitee tags along with him to be annoying)

There are all sorts of reasons you can use. Make sure you’re taking every opportunity to expand on characters and you’ll do fine.


Mozu in Fates Conquest
*mozu’s home is destroyed by the Nohrian BDSM monster army
*everyone they know and loved is dead
*corrin shows up
*mozu joins the Nohrian army

Fates capture units
*kidnapped Jim
*gave Jim six slabs of meat
*Jim will now join the militairy


As much of a meme as Serra is, I’ve always loved the fact that she just joined Lyn’s Legion to have a noble in debt to her - which is a pretty believable reason when you think about it.


humm I should play conquest one of these days…