[CONTENT WARNING] FE Inheritance (Full FE8 ROM hack) release

Hello people, after some weeks of playtesting we finished all the main things we needed for the hack, so the time of the release has come! Here it is, Fire Emblem: Inheritance (part 1), a original hack made by me and Vivider.

Yes, part 1, because originally the project was meant to be much larger, but we realized it was too big and we decided to split it in two separate games. We’ll be starting to work on part 2 as soon as possible. (For this reason you’ll find that not everything will be explained on the story and the plot of this hack). We’ve been working on part 1 for a year and a half and we hope we’ll be done with part 2 in a similar time span.

We have added a feature to the game which is the Minimug, some people might not like it so we put two versions in the link, one with and one without Minimug (named accordingly), choose the one you prefere.

Minimug screenshot


Here is the link to download the newest patch, you have to apply it on a FE8 USA Rom: link removed

and here is the link to the discord: link removed

We created a survey, in case you want to give us your feedback anonymously: link removed
You can write anything you want, if you want to insult us for the map design or for certain plot choices, feel free to do it there. The only thing is, please motivate your thoughts

link removed

The hack consists of 26 chapters, with 46 playable characters and it was created with in mind the idea of creating something different from most other fe games, both regarding the gameplay and the story. For this reason we’d like you to read the following informations, otherwise you could find yourself really confused and have trouble going through the chapters.


Hard mode: this is the mode we originally balanced the game on. It is meant to offer a tough challenge to experienced players. The hack is hard not in the sense that enemies are super strong etc, but in the sense that

  1. there are no one-man-army units.
  2. every enemy can be dangerous
  3. It requires a lot more of reasoning than other fe games.

this is the most important point, to play in hard mode you’ll have to do a bit of reasoning, since it is complex and requires understanding of units’ skills.
If you find most of the regular fire emblem games easy, this is the right mode for you.

Normal mode: this is for a more laid back experience, for those who may not be as experienced, or prefer to do a playthrough without too much thinking.

Maddening mode: Very hard mode. Maybe play it only if you want to play the game a second time and you’re mad enough.

Vivider's thought on difficulty

Fire Emblem is probably my favourite series of games.
GBA FE are, in particular, the ones I like the most when talking about gameplay, and my absolute favorite is FE6.
Why FE6? Because, compared to FE7, it is much more complex.
Maps are bigger, you have more units, enemies are more dangerous, hit rates are lower and everything makes you use much more strategy and reasoning than the following FE.

That being said, FE6 is a game I used to play when I was 13, FE GBA games are almost 20 years old and I think it would be impossible to increase the difficulty in a way that makes sense without greatly changing the game mechanics.
What I wanted to create was a tough challenge for experienced players, who see these games how I see them.

What to expect? Very big maps, where you are required to think and understand where is better to go and why, to beat the chapter efficiently.
Learning to deal with bow and anima magic increased ranges , with skills and team optimization is key to play this hack.

I am also a fan of permadeath in FE. Long, hard maps will punish resets for deaths.
There are a lot of characters in this hack so even if someone dies along the way (even to an average of 1 per chapter) you’ll be fine.
Obviously in case an important unit dies it’s always advised to restart, but in all other cases, especially when you’re at the end of a long chapter, it’s just better to lose a unit than having to restart.
From our experience, on average, it will take 2-3 attempts for an experienced player to beat a chapter with no deaths (from chapter 9 on, at least)

Initially we didn’t want to implement a difficulty selection, but the playtesting showed us we needed an easier mode than the “base” one.
I recommend to anyone who’s not looking for a demanding challenge to start the game in Normal Mode. In this hack the Normal Mode isn’t a joke as in the other FE games, but it should still be around FE6 Hard Mode difficulty.

Remember that before chapter 8 the game is a big introduction to the mechanics and the design of the hack. From chapter 8 on the difficulty will increase regularly till the endgame.

Gameplay notes

Here are some gameplay notes(some of these are pretty obvious). Before this though I want to tell you something: please, trust the game design, the hack has been tested thoroughly, so there should not be major balance issues, if there’s something that seems too much don’t jump immediately to the conclusion that there’s something wrong with the design (although you should keep an eye on enemies’ magic stats, cause they might be wrong somewhere)

Also, very important, read the dialogues! They often convey important informations on what you’re supposed to do in a chapter, to make it easier to understand the right strategy.

The first 6 chapters might seem a bit weird considering what happens, but don’t worry, they are the introduction chapters, and after them everything should be more linear. Also, almost everything you do in those chapters will affect the later chapters too, so no useless gimmicks.

In case you need it, here is the list of all the charcaters that can join your army, and how to recruit them. It should be almost always clear from in-game informations, vbut here is it, in case you need it: Recruitments

Since someone was asking for it, Vivider decided to also provide a short guide on how HE thinks the chapter could be beaten more easily.
This is for the players who are really having difficulties, and please, do not use this guide unless you are stuck. On the contrary it could be interesting to read each chapter’s note once beaten the said chapter.


It all of course depend also on the units you have in your party, but this guide should contain information that works for everyone.

the guide: Inheritance chapters guide

And now, here are the notes:

General things:

-Canonical games and many hacks usually push the player
to play aggressively and not to turtling by inserting
rewards that could be lost if you play too slowly.
This somewhat happens in Inheritance too, but it is less common.
Usually playing slow or turtling does not cause you to lose
rewards, it makes you lose the chapter directly.
The enemies are much more aggressive: in most maps, at
a certain turn, the enemies will start moving all together and giving them the
possibility of grouping, almost always leads to the death of some units.
In normal mode everything is easily manageable, but in hard mode we recommend
you to play as efficiently and quickly as possible.

-The game is balanced on the assumption that the player will try
to optimize their units as much as possible.
As usual, normal mode is not very punitive but, in hard mode, not
thinking about unit optimization (equipment, experience etc …)
is a behavior that is usually punished.

Effective weapons:

-Silver weapons are not stronger than steel ones, but they are effective against monsters.
Wind magic is effective against flyers, lightning magic is effective against draconic creatures,
fire is effective against undeads (only undeads, not all monsters), daggers are effective against magic classes.

-Effective weapons deal x2 damage, however, those that are effective against monster, those that are effective against wyverns/dragons (except Thunder) and daggers (against casters) deal x3 damage. (Note: ALL bows deal x2, even those effective against monsters and dragons).

Overall changes:

-Press Select to see the overall range of enemies on the map.

-Press select in the character stats window to show growths.

-Str and Mag split is in the game.

-Magic weapons take the damage bonus from Mag and not Str.

-We added the possibility for you to change difficulty mid run, To activate the event you’ll have to hold SELECT right after the chapter title is shown. A dialogue will pop up where you can choose what to do.

-Weapons, magic and generally the game balance is very different from the standard FE games, always check damage, precision, weight and especially RANGE of weapons/magic (bows and anima magic in particular have longer range than base FE games). Also, always check Skills, since they are present in the game.

-In addition to the normal GBA games magic triangle, there’s also a anima magic triangle.

-Most of human enemy units when under 50%-30% will usually try to flee and heal. You can use this to your advance.

-Stats boost items can be kept in the inventory and they’ll give the boost anyway, otherwise you can choose to use it to get a permanent boost.

-New devil weapons have been added, but the effect has been changed for various reason, now they have an innate skill (black magic) and they are almost exclusively used by monsters. The devil effect was removed first of all because often it is the enemy using it, so it wouldn’t make much sense. Furthermore maps are usually quite big and complex, and risking a restart because of a unit dying from the devil effect is too much.

-Vulneraries heal for 20 health.


-Piece of text between () are to be considered thoughts of the character who’s speaking.

-There aren’t and there won’t be support dialogues, however each chapter there are dialogues between some of the characters. Checking in the character stats will show whom a character can speak to. These dialogues usually give rewards.

-Maps are always oriented with the north up, so when they are talking about cardinal points in reality they are just talking about up-down-right-left.

Level up:

-Master seals are the main item of promotion.

-Character levels work this way: the first class levels up until level 20, then when changing class it reverts back to level 15 and then it goes up to 30 (so, if you see a level 20 enemy promoted units, it’s actually a level 5 in the standard FE level up system) . Most of the characters can promote to two different classes (like in base FE8), growths are are independent from the Class, but Skills and Stats Caps obviously are not.

Story notes

We prefer not to give spoilers regarding the story, since it is something different and really, we could not give you information on the plot without giving big spoilers, so you’ll have to get in without too many informations.

There’s one thing, though, that we want to point out. Being the story quite different from a regular FE, and with many characters who appear in game, we decided we wanted to find a way to make it easier for the people to understand the dynamics of the world without too much effort. This is why you’ll find in this game many places and characters with the same name/same appearance of the standard FE GBA games. Actually, you can consider this world as a distorted version of Elibe, like a sort of (very different) parallel universe. You could actually visualize everything that happens in this hack on a Elibe map. For this reason many names will be similar, and you’ll find some of the characters from those games. This is, as I said, to make it easier to understand the story, and for the memes.



First of all I think it’s fundamental to thank the person that made all of this possible:

Thank you 7743.

From Vivider: “FEBuilder is truly fantastic. Easy and intuitive to use, always updated and very convenient. Without such a powerful tool I would’ve never had the will to work on a FE ROM hack. FEBuilder, instead, made the whole thing quite funny.
You efficiency and willingness, first in helping us with the rebuilding, and then in the correction of many bugs, left me really positively surprised. I can’t say anything else than thank you, thank you for FEBuilder, thank you for the help and everything.”

We’d like to thank Crazyggo, our first playtester since the beginning, who helped us to balance the game and to find all the initial bugs.

Thank you to all the playtesters who helped us giving a useful feedback, in particular: Thank you elec96; BlazingHero657; Telos; Sleed; Skiy for helping us with dialogues polishing and corrections, bug reporting and feedback on maps and the game in general.

Thanks to Hanes and ese for helping us with the polishing of dialogues after the hack has been released.

We have probably forgotten someone, if you notice it, please report us here or in the discord server, in the apposite channel. Here is the rest of the credits.


FE2 - Alm Enemy Phase (hypergammaspaces)
FE6 - Trial Map, Alm_s Map 1 Remix (Tristan_Hollow)
FE2 - Final Map (MrGreen3339)
FE4 - Fateful Showdown (SaXor_the_Nobody)
FE4 - Vs Arvis (SaXor_the_Nobody)
FE9 - Clash (SaXor_the_Nobody)
Final Fantasy 9 - Boss Battle (A_Reliable_Chair)



Patch name:16 Tracks/12 Sounds Fix
(credit Agro/Brendor) [FE7/FE8] 16 tracks/12 sounds patch
Patch name:Switch:Animation on / off with L button @FE8U
Author / Source:aera
Patch name:Battle Transforming (Installer) @FE8U
Author / Source:Tequila ,UNKNOWN ,Aera, circleseverywhere. Transport by 7743 Teq's Minor Assembly Shenanigans
Patch name:Boss Animation ON @FE8U
Author / Source:aera Transport:7743
Patch name:AddEvent: ChangeChapterObjective @FE8U
Author / Source:Zeta / Rewrite:7743 Zeta's ASM/C Spellbook
Patch name:Convert Chapter Titles to Text @FE8U
Author / Source:circleseverywhere
Patch name:Actions After Support (Contemporary Style) @FE8U
Author / Source:circleseverywhere Compatability:7743 Contemporary FE style talk and support commands
Patch name:Actions After Talk (Contemporary Style) @FE8U
Author / Source:circleseverywhere Compatability:7743 Contemporary FE style talk and support commands
Patch name:CSA_Creator_For_FE8U @FE8U
Author / Source:circleseverywhere
Patch name:DancerAI @FE8U
Author / Source:Stan [FE8U] Stan's ASM Stuff
Patch name:Map Danger Zone (Select: Toggle) @FE8U
Author / Source:circleseverywhere
Patch name:Multi-Class Pick Skill Installer @FE8U
Author / Source:kao Compatability:7743 Unlimited number of classes able to use the Pick Skill (Rogue's Skill)
Patch name:drumfix @FE8U
Author / Source:circleseverywhere Native Instrument Map
Patch name:Remove Enemy Control Glitch @FE8U
Author / Source:Brendor Compatability:7743 Enemy Control Glitch Fixes
Patch name:Add Event: Add Trap @FE8U
Author / Source:7743
Patch name:Add Event: Split Menu @FE8U
Author / Source:Stan,circleseverywhere [FE8U][DOC/GUIDE] Analysing, Extending & Mimicking the lord split menu
Patch name:ExModularSave @FE8U
Author / Source:Stan https://github.com/FireEmblemUniverse/SkillSystem_FE8/tree/master/Engine%20Hacks/ExpandedModularSave
Patch name:Change combat AI to NOT attack If can’t damage. @FE8U
Author / Source:Stan [FE8U] Stan's ASM Stuff
Patch name:FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off @FE8U
Author / Source:Tequila Teq's Minor Assembly Shenanigans
Patch name:Add Event: Set Unit State Conditions (UNCM) @FE8U
Author / Source:Tequila Teq's Minor Assembly Shenanigans
Patch name:01command_hack @FE8U
Author / Source:Hextator Compatability:7743
Patch name:Anti-Huffman @FE8U
Author / Source:Hextator Compatability:7743
Patch name:Fix dodge to front glitch @FE8U
Author / Source:Snakey1
Patch name:fix_lz77decompress @FE8U
Author / Source:Tequila
Patch name:Add Event: Get the number of units matching a specific condition. @FE8U
Author / Source:7743
Patch name:HPBars_with_warnings Cache @FE8U
Author / Source:Circles with additions by Tequila
Patch name:Improved Sound Mixer @FE8U
Author / Source:ipatix Improved Sound Mixer, by ipatix
Patch name:Deny Deployment From Preparations Installer @FE8U
Author / Source:aera ,7743 FE8 kesseki patch
Patch name:LeaderAIFix @FE8U
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Author / Source:circleseverywhere [FE8] Always display ranged animation for some weapons
Patch name:Change image in upper right of the preparations(Install) @FE8U
Author / Source:7743
Patch name:Simple setting of Sacred Weapons 2(Installer) @FE8U
Author / Source:7743
Patch name:Show Heal Amount @FE8U
Author / Source:Tequila
Patch name:SOUND_NIMAP(Native Instrument Map) @FE8U
Author / Source:circleseverywhere Native Instrument Map
Patch name:Melee/Ranged Different - Spell Loader @FE8U
Author / Source:kao [FE8U][FE7U]Spell Loader
Patch name:Staff_Heal_Exp_EA @FE8U
Author / Source:Tequila
Patch name:Stairs 20191031 @FE8U
Author / Source:Snakey1
Patch name:UnitActionRework @FE8U
Author / Source:Stan
Patch name:Change Effectiveness damage coefficient of the weapon(Installer)(with Skillsystems) @FE8U
Author / Source:7743

Patch name:Skill SkillSystems 20200511 @FE8U
Author / Source:Credits:


Monkeybard & Black Mage for most of the skill icons; Blaze for Stances skill icons

Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1 for skills

Primefusion for the test map



-Abel; Cain; Generic Holy Knights: Sain, Kent, Sentinel by Nuramon
-Petunia (recolored): by CapibaraInSpace
-Garb: by Toa
-Reinhardt: by HyperGammaSpaces
-Rutherford; Vherr (recolored): by Der
-Naphan; Daisy (recolorded) and a lot more: by LaurentLacroix
-Hendrick; Ferdinand (recolors): by AmBrosiac
-Geez: Geese2 by SmokeyGuy77
-Young Link: By Zorua

Map Sprites:

-Wicked Flier {MeatOfJustice}
-Marshall {Nuramon}
-Grand Paladin {HyperGammaSpaces}
-Deserter {Alusq}
-Falcoknight Staff {Blademaster}
-Lich: Magic Seal {IS}

-Minimug: by Zane

Weapon Icons:

-Tornado by Lisandra_brave
-Boella; Hail by Ereshkigal


-Thief F by Eldritch Abomination
-Soldier (Recruit) by Waleed
-Halberdier by Black Mage and TBA
-Dragoon by Mercenary Lord, NYZGamer, Pikmin1211, Maiser6
-Deserter by Alusq
-Black Swordman (Linus) by DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon, Greentea
-Trueblade by Cybaster
-Assassin (bow and F) by IS, DerTheVaporeon, Glenwing, Andy, SD9K, Jj09
-Fighter (FE9) by MK404
-Knight Salvaged by Team SALVAGED
-Marshal by TBA, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon
-Lord: Cavalier (recolored): Team SALVAGED
-Great Paladin; Silver Knight: Seal, Arkth, Aruka, blood
-Sword Pegasus Knight: IS, MK404
-Falcon Knight (Axe and Staff) flasuban; IS, shadowofchaos, Jeorge_Reds
-Mage Hatless by GabrielKnight
-War Monk by DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211
-Wicked Flier by Blue Druid, Alfred Kamon
-Dark Spikes, by SHYUTERz

-Meteor by Blazer, Jubby
-Tornado; Wind; Slime by Arch
-Dire Thunder by Orihara_Saki
-Hail by Mikey_Seregon


-Pavise; Aether; Black Magic; Impale by Mikey_Seregon
-Adept; Sol; Luna by Mariode

Possible bugs

-Enemies’ magic stat level might be higher than intended, if you see something that seems too weird, please report to us.

-Some magic animations, in rare occasions, could cause the game to softlock. To solve this, download this version of the hack without those animations and load your save on it, that way you’ll finish the fight without problems and then you can load the save again on the original version.

here is the version without animations: https://mega.nz/file/bYRS1KLB#rzjnX74MdHUstQW8GEIXAIUmkbAs7aQ-mleDs1r3Euc

-In chapter 17x there’s a bug where some of the chests could remain closed indefinitely, so that you’re able to get infinite items (because everytime you open it, you get the item, but the chest remains closed, so you can repeat the process). This is not something game breaking, and we’re trying to solve it, but it takes time. For the time being, we just ask you not to bug abuse.


We created a tierlist template of FE Inheritance characters, here is it, in case you want to play a bit with it

Charcaters spoilers!


In case someone wanted you could post here yours (of course under spoilers as I did), it could be fun to discuss about it

Vivider's thought on maps size and "skill bloat"

Ok, I think it’s time to talk about a couple of characteristic of this hack,
and the reason why we decided to implement them this way.

About maps size

The first fundamental point is maps size and chapter lenght.
Many automatically think that keeping maps quite small is always a positive
thing, but I don’t think so, I think small maps just allow for a more “braindead”
style of gameplay.

Big maps allow to handle reinforcements in a way that makes much more sense,
giving more time (turns) to the player to organize and react efficiently to them
before they reach the player’s units. In small maps reinforcements are almost always
either too weak or too hard to handle (unless you know they are coming).
Small maps often come with a badly designed difficulty, based on a trial and error process
where the knowledge about the chapter (and what’s coming) is more important
than reasoning and strategy.
Longer chapters are also fundamental if you want your hack to be played with a “no resets” mentality.
In a FE where the chapters last 20-30 minutes it’s just stupid not to reset if a unit
dies or similar, but when a chapter lasts 1-2 hours, not resetting and just leaving your unit dead
seems like a better alternative.
This is the point. I want an experienced player to not feel forced to reset if he loses
a unit, I want this to be a choice, a valid choice.
If the chapter is short, it simply makes no sense not to reset, and
in my opinion it isn’t a true choice.

About "Skill bloat"

The second point is about the so called “skill bloat”.

Let’s start with a premise:

FE is a strategy game, therefore, what I expect from a FE player,
is strategy.
Unfortunatly I had to read many times things like: “it’s wrong to
make the players deal with too much math”.
The point is, FE gameplay is math. Calculate damage, calculate the risk
of a certain action.
If you don’t like this, then what do you like about FE gameplay?
Throwing your units randomly against the enemy hoping
the RNG gods will be good with you?
When I play a FE game I calculate everything, I check every enemy unit,
every weapon, all the attack speeds and I make sure things go
as planned.
And I do this since I was 12.

Is this playstyle fun?
For me, the answer is yes, and it should be the same for anyone
that keeps playing the game and who wants to be good at it.
Anyway, it’s undeniable that “calculating” is the base of FE gameplay
which is then enhanced by all the mechanics the game offers.
Maybe many people do not find that fun?
Yes, infact IS decided to stop giving fucks about the level/game design
and started working on other aspects to make the series go on, but
this doesn’t change the facts.

Skills are nothing but another mechanic, another complication.
They give more possibilities to the gamesplay, they are more elements
to add to the equation, and in my opinion they are a necessary element
to get something new from the standard FE GBA gameplay,
which, I remind you all, is 15 years old, and, to this day
it has become too simple.
Without any radical modification to the game
it’s impossible to create a well designed difficulty,
one that makes sense (i.e. not a RNG fest based on a
ridiculous trial and error)
Skillsystem is fundamental for this and complaining
about having too many skills to take in consideration
is fundamentally a sign of being a bad player, in my opinion.
Also, you’d have to consider the kind of
skills a character has and not only the number, but whatever.

This is the main point, I’d like to add a final explanation though.

Although I love Skillsystem, I hate skills that activate at a %,
since they are skills on which the player cannot realiably build a plan,
but only hope they’ll trigger.
We used very few of these skills in FE Inheritance, in particular
NO ENEMY has skills like “Luna, Lethality, Luck% of utterly destroying
your unit”. Some player units have those skills, but they are less
useful compared to the more intelligent skills that you can build
a strategy on, which create a bigger variety in the gameplay.

If someone of you don’t agree with me, I would be interest
in hearing some counter-arguments and I would be happy
if someone of you managed to convince me of the opposite,
about almost anything I said.

here is a link some of you might find useful (how to patch a ROM):

The biggest shortcoming in the hack might be the lack of polishing in the dialogues. That is mainly due to the fact none of us is an English native speaker. I am the one who wrote most of them, and, although I know English pretty well, it does not come natural to me. For this reason we would really appreciate some help form natives who could report and help us to polish the dialogues where needed.

We hope you’ll enjoy the game, and we look forward to the feedback you’ll give us.


Gave it a shot. First chapter was pretty fun, although quite easy on normal mode, i’m not really seeing the “fe6 hard mode” level here. The ultra-beefy monsters were a bit scary but by the time i drew them there was just one enemy archer left so i could pretty easily light magic/bow them to death.

Some details

I absolutely approve of bows with actual range; not entirely sold on magic needing it since it’s traditionally very strong anyway, but it’s really too early to tell.

FEI 1.0.0_03

There is a definite lack of polish in the text. This needs a comma “We’re going to help you, man!” and probably “butts” since there are multiple bandits and they presumably have more than one of those between them. It’s also a bit… modern feeling compared to more traditional FE dialogue. Which isn’t bad in itself, but with the game taking place in Elibe, it feels a bit odd.

FEI 1.0.0_04

The reaver weapon is interesting, but Earnest has axes anyway so it feels a little redundant. Then, since it’s not a prf, you could just give it to someone else… The abbreviations are a bit distracting. Maybe try something like “Good vs. infantry and lances”? Or is that too vague?

FEI 1.0.0_05

Discipline and paragon on the staffbot is a nice touch, hate grinding healer levels and this should help quite a bit with that. I’m not sure why she needs to come with a blue gem and you can’t just give us 5k to start with; it doesn’t actually do anything, just adds another step to sell it.

FEI 1.0.0_07

“I thought I I thought I’d give this to youonce”. Needs some polish.

FEI 1.0.0_09

Got a chuckle, good house.

FEI 1.0.0_10

This phrasing feels awkward. Also, needs comma before the laughter.

FEI 1.0.0_11

Apparently didn’t catch the line, but it should end with a full stop since she starts a new paragraph after this.

FEI 1.0.0_18

“butduty”. Also needs commas (I’m sorry, Oliver, but duty calls us.)

FEI 1.0.0_19

Needs comma after “So far”.

Also, this bit feels a bit infodump-y. Might be better to make this kind of thing part of between-chapter narration. I’d focus this dialogue more on the issues with the guy in particular.

It was good to see more stuff in the shop in the setup menu.

You throw quite a bit of valuables at us in chapter 1 - i’d say the guiding ring is weirdly early except the mage hit level 8 and could promote like three turns into the next map if i wanted him to, haha. I get that the power level is supposed to be higher than a typical FE game, but i wonder if it’s not increasing too fast - you have a level 18 mage boss with Bolting on the second map, so it feels like you could easily run out of room for things to ramp up long before endgame. Obviously, i can’t comment properly on it since i only played one chapter, though.

All in all fun to play so far, might give chapter 2 a go later.

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FE6 is more difficult in the first chapter and goes easier and easier the more you advance in the game in my opinion.
Here, difficulty will only increase.

About the text, both I and Gorgonath are not native speaking english, so every help and suggestion on it is really appreciated, thank you.

Sounds good to me!

All right, then if i see any more oddities in the text i’ll keep pointing them out.

three houses bow knights in a nutshell.

I’m definitely going to try this hack out in the next few days, it seems really promising. Congrats on a full release!

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Thank you a lot, we really appreciate it.

As Vivider already said neither of us is a native English speaker. I (the one in charge of writing most of the dialogues) know English pretty well, but I lack that spontaneity that natives have, so my writing might feel a bit weird sometimes. Report here whatever you feel could be said in a better way.

We know but we wanted to make it so each type of magic has something particular that distinguish it from the others. Overall I think we can say we’re pretty satisfying with how the balance of the hack came out.

Hello, I start playing the hack and I have to say that is really interesting, now I’m on chapter 2. There should be some pegasus knight to recruit somewhere but I’m not able to find it. Someone has some clue about?
Congratulation for the relase, the hack seems full of innovative gamplay solutions and I hade a lot of fun till here.

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Spoilers on chapter 2

The pegasus is in the far up right corner, where you see some trees, she will appear and talk with Ernest if you put him in range.

We’re happy you’re liking the hack ^^

I give it a try. Thanks

We realized there’s a mistake in the village dialogue in chapter 2, it will be corrected in the next patch.


The dialogue that tells you where to find the pegasus says she went to north-west, but in reality it should say north-east.

Soon we will release an update that will allow you to change difficulty every chapter.
To change difficulty you have to hold SELECT when the chapter starts (right after the chapter title is shown), then you will be asked if you want to play in normal or hard mode.

To continue from your actual save, you can rename your .sav as the name of the new rom or load a savestate after opening the new updated rom.

After the update you might get a bug: selecting a pg might softlock the game.
In that case just reset, resume the chapter and all should be right.

So I’ve been playing this hack for quite a bit, and beaten chapter 13 so far.


Though for Dietward’s crew, although they are pretty damn overpowered, I kinda have some issues in regards to two of the members of his crew.

  1. Spook: While everyone else, even the bard, are very overpowered in their own right, Spook kinda feels a bit underwhelming compared to the others, considering the others offer more to the table than he does (Swordmaster can kill two enemy units in one turn as well as moving very far due to Galeforce, Falco Knight has flight and warp staff, The Sage thief has high crit and can steal equipments, the bard has high mov and gives units extra turn, Gheb has high atk and can easily one round enemies, Dietward has an infinite use tome and hilarious staff range, and both Gheb and Dietward have Nihil to deal with the annoying assassins).

  2. Phago: Speaking of the bard, I already found some issues with his skill set. While he cannot fight whatsoever, for some odd reason, he has two skills that are meant for fighting enemy units.

Oh and before I forget to mention, the Pegasus Knight you get who can use both swords and spears right away: For some odd reason, when I try to promote her, I was giving two class options to promote to…and both options are Falco Knight.

I’m not the expert in game balance so I’ll answer you only regarding Phago, tomorrow Vivider will answer you about the rest.


So basically this has to do with the fact that the game is plit in two parts, Phago is a bard yes, but he is not only that of course, Dietwald created him with more powers than this. However he mainly appears together with Ernest’s army,so he cannot show to them inhuman abilities, for this reason he only acts as a bard. That said, for now, these skills are mainly for characterization, to show he is not limited to the bard role, although for now he does only that. So yeah, those skills are useless, but they are there because of the characterization.

also if possible w’d like stuff like this with spoilers in it to be put in a hidden text, so that newcomers do not see them. ^^

Oh right, sorry. Just really don’t really know how to do stuff like using spoilers here tbh.

The last button on the right, then hide details, write where it says “this text will be hidden”

Alright, got it now, and thanks. And yeah, I guess that would make sense for him then.



It is a fast tank that can take almost every hit, he can use both bows and dark magic and, it can boost allies defences by a lot… if you put Wald near it, he becomes almost immortal.
Probably he is the weaker morph, but I don’t care too much about morphs balance, after all you play them something like 6 times in part one.
Spook should be good in a situation where you have to tank a lot of hits, where you risk some crits that may kill other units (dealing 0 dmg to it) but in part one you don’t face those situations so… yeah it is kinda bad but I don’t think it’s a problem.

I was also planning to give Spock a summon undeads skill, I’ll work on that in the future.

Yes, but those 2 “Falco Knight” classes are different.
One gets better promotion gains, the other gets staves.
Some units can become only “one thing” like Ladd can promote only to Hero but the first class gets axes while the second gets lances.
Phineas same thing with Light magic or Staves.
I think the only exception is Aden that can promote only to one class, so his 2 classe will be identical.

Thank you for your feedback, if you have any question or suggestion please tell us.

Yeah, I think that makes sense for Spook. Though giving him the ability to summon creatures might give him just as much of an edge as compared to the rest of Dietwald’s group.

I guess that kinda makes sense for that Pegasus Knight’s promotion. Didn’t realize they offered something different there. Sad part is, I haven’t gotten Phineas ready for promotion yet, so I haven’t seen that either. That and I’ve been rarely using Aden, and I dropped Ladd a long time ago cause I haven’t given him much attention.

Are you playing normal or hard mode? Can you give me a feedback about difficulty please?