Concept Idea for a ROM hack involving SoV, SD, & Awakening. [SPOILER WARNING FOR ALL 3 GAMES]

So, I’m bored. I’ve been brainstorming a concept for a ROM hack. I thought I’d post it here and see if anyone else thinks this might be a cool idea. This is, as of writing this, just to gauge interest in the idea. I do not plan on making a ROM hack based on this idea at this time. However, if interest is high enough, I may consider developing the idea further.

TL;DR: Grima sends Lucina to Valentia/Archanea timeline alongisde Morgans & Risen. Lucina goes
to Valentia, along with one Morgan. The other goes to Archanea. Play as Alm/Marth and co. + Lucina to fight Morgans & Risen, and go back into Lucina’s timeline to kill extra-powerful Grima. Now read the whole thing or any Emotional Damage you inflict upon me won’t count.

3 Games will be involved with this ROM hack. Echoes, Shadow Dragon, & Awakening.

Here’s a bare-bones version of the plot I have stormed up so far:
-Prolouge involves the BAD timeline of Awakening (Lucina’s). Lucina attempts to go back in time and reverse history, however in this scenario, Grima manages to interfere just enough to alter it’s course to the Valentia/Archanea era, as well as send the alternate Morgans through after her. Grima gets tired and goes into brief slumber

-Game starts in Valentia, shortly after the events of Act 5 & the ending (POSTGAME hasnt happened yet). Alm, Celica, & company are visiting Ram, and on the way back, Lucina (still known as Marth) lands with one of the Morgans & Risen behind her: The landing still causes the geological earthquake/volcano/idk event to occur in Fleecer’s Forest, and the group must fight off the Risen attack. Morgan #1 plays our favorite “I cant fall here” card and warps out. First act of the game will involve hunting this Morgan down and figuring out wtf is going on. You ultimately beat Morgan #1 and “happy ending”? Yeah, no. At the end of Act 1, however, a ship arrives from Archanea with a messenger informing them that Risen & the other Morgan are causing issues over there and they need assistance.

-Act 2’s perspective will switch to Marth and his group, already feeling the effects of the arrival of Morgan #2. The war is not going great… (I don’t know nearly as much of SD as I do Echoes, so this part will be more bare bones, but it will definitely get more fleshed out). You fight your way to a certain point where you figure out where the fel magic is being focused, Thabes Labyrinth.

Act 3 will see the two parties merge together. Valentian forces have crossed over and are pinned down by Risen, your first mission is freeing them. After that, the two parties will merge and march on the Labyrinth. You get to the Labryinth, fight Morgan #2 and the Risen. However, it is here you realize Grima’s main plan: **Grima is trying to fuse with his past self in the Valentia timeline in order to effectively double his power, surely granting him victory; the Morgan’s jobs were to find the Labryinth, hold it, and focus as much fel magic as possible to prepare the merging ritual. You beat the Morgans too little too late, ritual succeeds, Grima merges, game over…? Nope.

Final Act involves going to Lucina’s timeline to prevent Grima from killing Naga and winning. You ultimately follow Grima through his warp and land back at Naga’s Temple in Lucina’s world: Fight Risen. Realize the temple is desecrated, and you need the Awakening to have a shot at being Grima. Realize Power goes to the Divine Tree (Mila Tree), Alm & Celica know where that is, go there, fight more Risen, gain UNLIMITED POWER (jk) and beat Grima. Everyone goes back to thier original timeline. The End.

Yes, I know, it’s definietly not finished by any means. But it’s a start, and the concept is believable. What do you guys think on it? Is this the next big thing, or does it suck monke butt? Let me know!