Concept Draft - Project Aurbis

First of all, this will not be a “normal” hack.
I will be working on this project to improve my writing, ASM, and most importantly, spriting.

So, what is Project Aurbis about?
It’s a story, or rather several small stories, taking place in the Elder Scrolls universe. This will be lore friendly, and therefore abide by all canon TES lore (Even including Online and Legends; Blades has very little lore so even though it is included, there’s not much benefit.).

Release when?
I don’t know. I’m focusing on literally anything else, and this is basically an excuse to make lots of non-human portraits.

Do you need any assistance?
If you are a musician, hit me up. Also, if you happen to have midis of any piece from TES, please send them my way.

How will you fit several stories into this?
It’s a hybrid of the multiple part format in RD or Echoes, with the choose your level format of BSFE/EN. Meaning all stories will be three or four chapters long but you still can choose what to do.

Will you have X feature from Elibean Nights?
The answer is most likely I would love to. I love EN to death, and if I have the motivation or time to fit achievements or stuff into this, I will.

What happened to your existing project?

Anyway expect some sort of weekly updates idk
my discord is Achernar1#3424 with the cat pfp


I hope this is a success! It sounds cool.

count me in

TES lore has some seriously cool concepts to work with, this is definitely a neat idea.

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something something no screenshots

First progress gif should hopefully include my conjure asm (based on gamma’s gaiden magic, but you select what creature you want to summon) as well as some shouts

thanks discourse, guess I wont quote the entirety of the previous post


TES Lore? In my Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones Engine released in the Game Boy Advanced console? Love to see this idea be made