[Completed] [CONTENT WARNING] Saviors of Thracia PME

Okay, so I’ve decided that I wanted to share the love with the community.
The love? What, you think sharing your old works is love? Are you a sadist?
Yes and no.
What? It’s a yes or a no, you silly girl.
You’re the one talking to yourself.
I… Okay, fine.

I present to you all the pinnacle of PMEs (including using the 2017 skillsystems patch unironically during development): SoT, or Saviors of Thracia.

This is a PME I began working on during late 2017 early 2018. This hack is well over a year old at
this point and it has aged not really much at all because it was half falling apart when it was completed.

I do not know why I decided to submit this to FEU. I would probably be better off leaving it within my
own hacking community. But, like I said to myself earlier, I’m here to share the love (and please any
masochists willing to listen).

This PME features some text changes sprinkled throughout. I worked on it as I was experiencing
FE8’s story for the first time. It was truly amazing. There are, however, a ton of completed support
conversations that I put some hard work into, so enjoy reading those, I guess.

The highlight of Saviors of Thracia are the insane sets that can be made with certain characters.
(Use Chronic, I promise he’s really really good).

Banana Saviors of Thracia-18
stand You Abandoned Your Family and Hoshido

This was created for fun and to please the community I had integrated myself into.
FEU was not that community, but rejoice in knowing that this is here to contrast with
my later works.

Please note that this ROM will have a lot of glitches. I do not intent to fix anything as it defeats the purpose of showing my progression as a hacker. If you want the quality SoT experience, ask around
for the chad Miguel Edition. There are, however, a lot of attempts made at things that are actually
impossible and thus plenty of treats for people that choose to dig around the ROM.


Also, there’s a double growths patch version within for people that find this too hard, which it certainly
can be at certain points especially if you choose to play Arkis route Hard Mode.

Yes, the lords are Arkis and Holmes from TRS.

Edit 10/27/20: Want to make it clear that there is some slight degree of cringe content. If you are easily bothered, don’t worry it’s just my awful OC and not the entire world. I’ll clean it up when I eventually release the remake, but for now it’s just that dumb fun project from years prior.


You definitely have my attention. I think I’ll check it out once my phone unscrews itself.

What could be so interesting about this?
Nothing against you or your words, I’m just surprised.

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I didn’t expect this thing to be here, have to finish stuff before jumping in to SoT.

The lords being TRS characters definitely make it immediately stand out. Maybe you could add some screenshots or something.

Forgot to mention this game is one of those things that’s a completely broken mess that’s somehow still fun if you like that chaotic sort of thing. Haha 2018 skillsystems go brrr"

i also finally added some screenshots of units. thanks momijirocks.

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how do i get past 5x?

He Jin is representative of the climbing insanity that is this hack. To beat him, you have to utilize all tools accessible to you up to that point. Utilize rallies, exploit pillars for defensive terrain, and remember Arkis has a really good prf.