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#Link to editable credit doc (New fancy one, thx yeti!)

###Link to editable credit doc (old)

It has come to our attention that the Ultimate Graphics Repository is woefully lacking in credit for the majority of animations - and some are even credited incorrectly!

As we can hardly allow users to unwittingly commit sprite theft, this is an open call to the community to come together and fix it.

##The goal is simple: to give appropriate credit to every animation and other piece of art in the repository.

###How: Add the appropriate credit in the credits doc.

Ready? GO.


General syntax for a ‘top level folder’ is as follows

[ClassName][Gender][Tier] (Sprite Variant, Sprite Creator)
(I made some exceptions for a few classes, like Matriarch and Patriarch, the Zelgius variants, and a few others I don’t remember. Additionally, many sprites are variants but don’t have a name and I wasn’t feeling inventive. Ex: Female Mercenaries. I just listed their creator and called it a day.)

Many folders, such as the Jaffar animation, have subfolders. Those subfolders sometimes have multiple animations with several authors. In those cases, if there are two authors, list them on each animation folder. Ex: Jojaffar Sword (Author)

Then list them on the parent folder as:

Assassin M T2 (Jaffar, Asst Credit)

This way we can see at a glance who made what.

Hi, I didn’t want to make another post for a related topic so:

Map Sprites and Class Cards


Credit for Map Sprites and Class Cards are almost nonexistent. I’ve credited all that I can easily find but there’s still a number of assets that remain uncredited. If anyone wants to help, just navigate to the class cards/ map sprites folders and search for Unknown. All credit that I couldn’t find have been marked with the term.

Also if anyone wants to make it even easier, feel free to compile a doc for it. My google sheets skills are unpracticed and I lack the time.