Common Hack Patches FAQ?

Hello everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster here. I have been working on rom hacks for a little over a year now. I’m wondering if there is a specific forum or list for installing patches to the hacks as the descriptions for them within FEBuilder can be quite vague.

Speciffically, I am looking for the following patches:

  • Magic / Strength stat separation

  • Select to display growths

  • Unit item display in map overview

  • Warnings for things like armourslayers, archers in range of fliers, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I know that 1/2/4 are part of the Skill System, but I’m not entirely sure on if you can get them all separated, probably can but haven’t seen it, as for 3 it was something like… Modular Minimug Box I think?

Str/Magic Split is a part of the SkillSystem and does not exist without it. Instailling SkillSys will also install the growth display and the warnings, but I think those parts are also available standalone.

The item display on the map is ModularMinimugBox.

This was it, much appreciated!


Is there a code-related reason there’s no seperate Str/Mag split (i.e. it relies on some of SkillSystems’ other mechanics), or is it just something no one has taken the time to do? I know a lot of patches aren’t compatible w/ SkillSystems, and having a Str/Mag split on only one side of it I feel like may inhibit people from trying really creative stuff with what’s there. Would there be some kind of permission required to take the related code in SkillSystems and just pull it out so its it’s own thing?

This is included in hp bars for some reason iirc, so if you wanted no skillsys, you’d install hp bars

How does skill system associate strength and mag growth rates? in character creator it still just has POW and that seems to only apply to strength.

There is a separate table for mag and the stats show up in char/class editors after installing skillsys.

Hi. I wanted to lwet you know that, for most FE Builder patches, theres a link to the original FEU post in the description. You should be able to copy and paste the link in your browser to find the posts and ask about more details of the patch