Commission Request for a few animations, map sprites + portraits; Armor Bonanza

Hello! I’m working on a series of hacks for FE6 and FE8 that I seek to expand on the base game while keeping as much of it in tact as possible - a sort of “final mix” hack of a sort. I am willing to pay upwards of $150 dollars for the commission if you so wish to do so, at whatever date you wish (even if I’d prefer it be done as soon as possible). As for what I want to be able to see done…

Demon - “A flying, heavily-armored servant of
evil. They are immensely powerful.” Type: Armored, Flying, Monster. Weapons: Axes (Base: C-Rank). - A gigantic demon with horns that’s also with bat-like wings, a heavy, scrap-work barbaric armor and a gigantic axe. They have 6 Move and fly, and tend to having high HP, Strength and Defense and decent Skill, but poor Speed and terrible Luck and Resistance. Basically, if the description didn’t tip them off, they’re basically the monster equivalent of Armor Knights. They have a weakness to armor slaying weapons as well as monster slaying weapons + bows, a move I’ve decided to include due to the lack of use armor slaying weapons having in FE8’s endgame bugs me with. They start with having red skin like a traditional demon, fly up before swinging their axes overhead, and for their critical move, they roar (like Brigand crit and Fire Dragon) before spinning their axes as they fly up to swing overhead.

Great Demon - “An elite demon who’s been newly
suffused with powerful dark magic.” Type: Armored, Flying, Monster. Weapons: Axes (Base: A-Rank), Swords (Base: A-Rank). - The T2 equivalent, this time with 7 Move and Swords. It also has black skin instead of red, and their swords bring moreso to mind less swords and moreso giant cleavers (without the blood, obviously). Basically, they’re pretty close to the Great Knight if the Cyclops is a General. Speaking of…

Cyclops (Armored) - “One-eyed giants who use their
strength to wield huge weapons.” Type: Armored, Monster. Weapons: Axes (Base: A-Rank), Lances (Base: A-Rank). While the Demon class line has a too many effectiveness weaknesses for my standards, I’ve decided to instead buff the Cyclops a bit by giving it a full suit of armor… and indirectly nerf it with an armor slaying weakness. Something akin to this, in short. Bonus points if they get a Lance alt too, but it’s less of a spear and moreso a giant, crude greatsword on a stick.

Great Sage (Lilina) - “The armored heiress of Ostia. Equips: Tomes, staves, axes.” Type: Armored, Magic. Weapons: Tomes (Base: C-Rank), Staves (Base: D-Rank), Axes (Base: C-Rank)- It completely disappoints me that we don’t have any armored Lilina sprites yet, so it’s about time I go and fix that! Lilina has a full suit of armor (which obviously isn’t anything too huge, something like this, but with extra shoulder pauldrons) with similar (if knight stompy-esque) movements to her Sage class in both magic and staves, but for when using an axe (sans a hand axe, which is pretty standard), it’s very much based on Project Ember’s Marchioness Armads animation, only with it slung over her shoulder and very much comical with how Lilina struggles to lift it. As a bonus point, her critical animation has her take a deep breath and begin spinning… only to lose control and still hit the enemy in a critical, with her looking surprised before dragging her axe back.

I’m willing to pay upwards of $150 for the final product. It’d be massively appreciated overall! Thank you. :slight_smile: