(Commission) Need Portrait & Battle/Map/Moving Animations for Melee Fist/Knuckle Fighter

Hi all,
I am currently working on an FE8 ROM Hack,
and I need animations done for one of the main characters.

The said character is heavily inspired by Amy from Another Eden.
Please Google that since the forum won’t let me post links or pics yet.
Or you can see my profile picture.

She will be using a weapon type (I’m gonna call it Fist/Knuckle/whatever) that has strictly 1 range.
Please take that into consideration with the Battle Animation, and I also require the Unarmed version.

For the Map/Moving Animation, the things to note are the ponytail and the long-jacket/robe thing. Those two elements are what I am looking for. She travels on foot, not mounted.

For the Portrait, some ideation are: Amy is tough, fiery, strong-willed with fit body shape; she is not that feminine but kinda cute to look at over and over again. Your typical homie girl who is up for adventures and troubles.

This is a commission work for a serious project, hence it would be lovely to see it to fruition.
Please send me your quotation via Message here or DM me on discord: Lone Wolf#4386

Successful candidate(s) will retain a high chance to be recalled for future project needs.

Best regards,