Command to set a weapon rank to an unit. [Febuilder]

Is there a way or a command to set the weapon rank value of a unit ?

Because I think that in my hack, the weapon rank rise too quickly, than negate the difference between some class I want to make. It’s difficult to decrease that, because how weapon xp work. So I would like to do something more like other fire emblem with fix weapon rank, that increase only during promotion. I would like for exemple do something like that : at the end of the chapter, I check the level of a unit, Franz for example. If he his level 10, I set his lance weapon rank to 31, if 15 to 71, etc

But it will only work if I have something to do that. I remember someone make a patch to implement arms scrool, so I imagine it’s technically possible, but I don’t know if it’s in my chord (I used febuilder, and don’t really know nothing about AE or ASM stuff)

I believe this patch here is what you need.
Hope it helps!

Just check the weapon exp number for a specific rank you want,
then change this number to that rank.

Not really. It’s only set a limit you can’t reach if you are not promoted. That means each class have the same limit. And it’s depend only of promotion and not promoted.
I can’t do something like, “Cavalier have E rank sword and lance at base”, “D rank lance and E sword at level 10”
And fighter have D rank at base, C at level 10, B at level 15.