Cloudy weather

Hi! I’m here to ask about the cloudy weather that looks so awesome in FE6 and the Last Promise, sorry guys but i don’t know if there’s a glitch or is something i just messed up, i tried to take the map from FE6 and just use it in FE8 just for look if it was going to work, but i got this:

That black thing follows everywhere i go!

I didn’t find anything about this, so i made a topic, if it’s wrong i’ll delete it, thank you for helping me!

There’s no glitch.

That’s the actual “skybox” (lol plz don’t pelt me with stones tech savy ones) for “Cloudy Weather”.
It’s supposed to have this huge black hole in the middle.

That’s why whenever this weather condition is used
these maps (Original or ROMhacks) NEVER have bridges or empty “sky” tiles
in the middle of the map.
Instead those maps are always “bulky” with no holes or empty spaces in the middle,
covering this hole with walls, floor or stairs.

What to do?
Count the width of the “cloud” part on each side
and then design your map so that the gray clouds are barely visible,
effectively hiding the hole.
Or just use the other blue gradient weather condition. That one has no hole in it.

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Oh, Thank you! Sorry to trouble you, i understand now what to do, thank you very much! I’ll do as you say :3

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Would be interesting to see a “fix” so that this could be used on other maps.

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Not gonna lie though, those sky bridges are looking awesome. Makes me think of Twilight Princess’s sky dungeon.

Like pikmin said, a fix for this would be good.

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I thought it was ok to put it like that, but then that thing destroyed my map :'c