[Closed (for now)] Ash's FREE Eventing Services

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I’m bored af with only homework to do so I’ll event anything you want if it’s within my ability. I know how to do FE7 and FE8 Eventing. I can do FE6, but I mess with it far less than the other two.

I am working with @Arch on his FE1 remake “Exalted Legacy”, @Crazycolorz5 and others on FE Destiny, and @Blyvern on a MAFC submission. Previously, I have worked with @GeneralCiraxis on a Ragefest submission, even if MarkyJoe disqualified it.

I have been ROMhacking in general for about four or something so years. Do note that my work pace depends on my mood and how much I have to do.


No FE8 :frowning:


We open again, boys.


event my 26 chapters long hack


Make hack 4 me pls


A somewhat non-trolling answer, any chance you could deal in FE4?


In my dreams. No, I can’t, fml.


Help with one hack base of fe7


Would you mind helping me with one part of my hack, I can’t seem to get it down. You can message me for details, I can provide the rom and events.