Class List in Nightmare? More Fire Dragon questions

Was just wondering what this was exactly. I know changing it changes the moving map sprites of that class to another class but I also noticed that the Fire Dragon’s sprite always load (along with his animation being its normal anim + Flametongue’s fire regardless of weapon used).

I’m wondering whether or not it would be plausible to find out where to change the animation that plays when the class number is 46. Changing the battle animation pointer does not affect the Fire Dragon’s animation unless the class number is changed.

I guess that’s because there is a routine to compare the index with 46 to know if the animation is for fire dragon to combine the animation automatically. Maybe you need to remove it to solve the problem.

I’m not all that great at ASM but I guess I’ll start poking through the ASM section of the Ultimate Tutorial. I’m not even sure if you’re talking about ASM to be honest.

Just pick your favorite debugger (I’m using VBA SDL-H), then read the character class ID before the animation is played. Or if you think that you’re lucky, just find 2846 (cmp r0,0x46) to 2F46 (cmp r7,0x46) through hex editor (don’t rely on this if you’re not sure).

It seems not so easy to find the routine.