Circle's More then 5x supports Patch; What to do?

I am having issues, as myself and friends were playtesting the project we were working on (personal) we came across issues where more than 5 supports; we could not get it to work, I wish to ask, do we need to edit the Hex Code itself, and if so, how so properly?

If their are any more we must inform, such as skill systems and similar patches that come along with it that disable the ability to have this patch work do inform me.

If they is a patch that would help achieve the goal of multiple supports exceeding the normal GBA limits do say so. Regardless I would be thankful for any help given.

I don’t know what exactly you’re having trouble with. Is this an febuilder patch? I don’t think you should use the hex editor. If it’s not a patch, please link it here.

Perhaps you should send a report7z on the febuildergba thread with clearer information on what you’re having trouble with.

Ah yes it was a patch from FEBuilder, I checked the link that was linked itself it understand how it works and I wanted to install it that way.

Issue is that apparently we can not get more than 5 supports that was advertised, and I checked the thread assuming I must do something else similar to how I needed to change the IER to give staffs sleep, berserk, and silence.

If I need to send a report7z to the FEBuilder thread I will try, I wanted to know if I did needed to confirm if I truly needed a hex editor to get this to work.

Regardless thank you for the information