Characters blinking out of existence after clearing chapter. [FEBuilder]

So here’s the situation:
The chapter is a rout chapter. This works fine, the chapter goes to the end event.
It goes from a view of the map into a dialogue between the two characters, and that works too.
However, instead of just fading to black after their conversation is finished, it shows the map with the units on again.
Whichever unit defeated the last enemy blinks out of existence.
Then the map fades to black and goes to the save screen.

Is there a way to either:

A) Go straight to the save screen without showing the map again.


B) Have the character who acted last not blink out of existence from the map, and have it cut to black from the map.

Do you have the (fade to black) option after the event, then lead into the save screen active?

Here is the example.

Yes, however the unit still blinks out of existence before the fade to black.

Theirs your problem.
You have it set to fade ‘out’ not ‘in’.


It even says ‘return from pitch dark’.

Now for some reason it fades to black, but then suddenly lights up again before fading to black and going to the save screen.test2

Nevermind, it seems like there’s an automatic fade to black? Getting rid of it altogether seemed to fix the problem.

To be fair i never modded FE7 so part of this is my fault.