Character Palette Editing without FERecolor

So some of you may not like FErecolor or can’t run it. So here is my method of making nice clean palettes, without any class sheets or anything.

You will need:

  • VBA
  • SNES Palette editor
  • GBA Color Picker
  • Gimp (Optional)
  • A hex editor
  • Nintenlord’s Compressor

Today, we’ll be editing the palette of Lute to look more like this gril here. Isn’t she pretty?

Firstly, load up a generic palette version of the class you want. In this case, we want a generic Mage palette to work with, so it’s easier what colors needs to be changed where

Next, load up the Memory Editor tool in VBA and go to offset 0x5000320 if you wish to edit a player’s palette, and 0x50002E0 if you want to edit an enemy’s palette

You will now need to hit Save at the offset specified and save 20 bytes

Save it as a .dmp file

This .dmp file will have the palette of the class, in uncompressed form (which is easier to edit)

Now, you will need to copy-paste those two rows 5 times into a new empty .dmp file. This is so we can have different palettes for each allegiance. The first two rows are the player’s palette. The second two rows is the enemy palette. Next two is NPC. Next two are other allegiance. Final two are for Link arena, is not too important.

Now, you can open up that new .dmp in SNES editor. This will give you a visual idea of what each two bytes look like.

In order to get those two bytes you need, you open up GBA color picker. The top right values are edited to give a value.

You can get these values from Gimp. Just pick a color and get the color values based on the R G B rows. IE, for our hair on the lass

Now, imput this value into the SNES palette editor

You can look at the battle animation to see what color goes where. IE in this case, the light purple part is the mage’s hair, the dark purple part is her clothes and the light blue part is her cloak.

If you don’t have a portrait for the character or if you’d rather use Class animation files you’ve recolored, you can also use those in Gimp to get desired colors.

When you’ve changed all the colors that you want, you save the file in SNES editor.

Next, load up NIntenlord’s compressor and load up the palette in the input, and an empty file in the output.

Make sure to change the Compression type to LZ77! Very important!

You’ll end up with a file like this if you’ve done it right.

The file can be bigger, depending if you edit enemy palettes or not.

Next, you’ll need to edit the reference for the character. Since my character is a mage and replacing Lute, I can just use Lute’s palette location.

If you load up nightmare and load Animation/BattlePaletteReference.nmm, you can see the offset is as follows:

If we go to that offset, we see this:

If your compressed palette is bigger than where the next 10 A0 line is, you will need to repoint. It’s best not to overwrite the other palettes, can cause an issue.

But since ours is a smaller file, we can just overwrite.

Save, and open up VBA and see if it worked!

Lo and behold, you have a palette!


… You can’t get FERecolor to run, but NL Compressor, SNES Palette Editor and GBA Color Picker are all fine?

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FERecolor requires a vertical screen height of somewhere around 760 pixels to run (more than most laptops can provide), none of those programs need such ridiculous height allowance.

This method is a method of Preference for me. I chose not to use RERecolor. I know Eli had FERecolor issues so I just stuck that line in.

Usenti and EA tho?

Tutorial soon?

If/when I get around to making tools along these lines, I’ll keep it in mind.