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This is the issue:

As you can see, there are a lot of tiles labeled “Enemy” on the character list. I get te hunch that those are associated to enemies we see in history mode to make slight variations in their stats from enemy to enemy, and seeing the various copies of Lyon, I can also tell this are the different versions related to difficulty.

The point of this whole thing is, if I were to make a character using any of those labels I would have to check wheter that specific unit with those modded stats is generated as an enemy whenever I use the unit placer?

Just to be clear, I haven´t filled all of the tiles yet, but according to the numbers for my hack I´m running short for the amount of characters I want to make so I could use the extra slots.

Well, from what I know, the only character slots ever used in the entire game are the Soldier, Remnant, Hunter, Cutthroat, and the Monster slots, there’s plenty of space to write character data in.
0xFD I believe, are the enemies from the arena. So don’t write anything to that slot.
Writing data to 0x2D ~ 0x45 is safe for playable units since their BWL data is saved and shown at the game’s epilogue.
In the unit placer it’s perfectly safe to include the newly overwritten data, as long as they’re not the ones I mentioned
You can also use unused characters like Summon and Summonern if you want.
Also replace the name Enemy with a different Text ID when creating a new character


Define generic enemy.

The slots I mentioned that are used in the game.

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You´ve made a wonderful contribution and I´ll be ever grateful my friend.

Have meme as a reward:

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