Character data table in RAM

[FE7] : Located at 0202BD50
[FE8]: Located at 0202BE4C

(Example data is Seth’s)
08803D98 0880735C //character pointer and class pointer
01000001 (level, exp, unknown: has been observed as 1, 40 and 6, character number)
00000000 //hmm, 05000104 = dead in next chapter??
//first byte: 01 = not drawn like the others, 02 = unselectable, 05 = dead, 09 = undeployed,
10 = rescuing someone, 20 = being rescued, 40 = has moved, 80 = idk
//second byte: 08 = “inside ballista”, 10 = Afa’s drops, 20 = drop last item
//third byte: 80 is “increase portrait by 1” (resets on next chapter)
//last byte: 08 = unselectable weird black color o.O
04041E0D (x,y coordinates, 1E = max health, 0D = current health)
0E0D0C0B080D0000: str, skill, speed, def, res, luk, con, last byte is person being rescued
0000031E //items and uses, also 2nd byte is movement
17146C03 //items and uses, continued
00000000 //more items and uses
B5B50000//weapon ranks
00000000//all eight of them
00000F19//starting on third byte: support data
//first byte = 16*amount of time left to be statused, +status
[FE8]: 1=poison, 2=sleep, 3=silence, 4=berserk, 5=attack buff, 6 = defend buff, 7 = crit buff, 8 = dodge buff, 9 = “sick”, A = hatching eggs, B = petrified, D = also petrified? F = breaks the game…
second byte, first nibble = barrier
second nibble = torch
0A050000//support data cont.
00000000 //support data cont.
24A00302 //unknown pointer

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In FE8, status 0xA is applied to Gorgon Eggs to make them start hatching.

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It determines the AI rule which the character follows. You can change this to control an enemy unit’s behaviour.

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Index in the deployment table.

It’s identical to the first 48 bytes of the [Battle Data][1] for a unit.

Also, you can use codebreakers as a general guide/quick reference to the values.

For player units, the 8th support data byte is used as a flag to indicate which support partners the unit had a support conversation with during the current chapter. This is used to enforce the ‘each pair allowed one conversation per chapter’ rule in FE7/8.

Byte 0x0D is used to store the unit’s animation setting for the “Solo” animation option.
0x00 = Animation OFF
0x40 = Animation 1 (without backgrounds)
0x80 = Animation 2 (with backgrounds)

When the AI steals an item, byte 0x46 is increased by 1