Character-creating Survey!

Just a request for “Idea” People to contribute some ideas for a hack! This character creating survey will allow you to contribute to the hack by creating your personal idea of a character. You’re
free to fill out as much as you want in it and of course for people’s idea that I do use will get a easy shoutout in the credits of the hack. More information is in the survey link. Thanks to all!

Link to the survey:


Hi ! Cool concept ! :slight_smile: You didn’t precise if there are skills in your game. You should probably tell, otherwise some cool concepts could not work if they are tied to interesting skills.

Also, can anyone suggest more than one character ?

As much as id like to give the ability to allow you to use skills I cant due to balancing reasons and me having a pretty strict rule on how I use them.

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You can suggest as many characters as you want.

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