Character Convos about Dead Characters

Does anyone know how FE7 handles characters talking about other characters that died at the end of the chapters? I’m trying my best to have the lords/main characters mention characters that died at the end of the chapters but I don’t know whether or not it is better to use permanent event IDs or use IFCD chains. Because characters can die at any chapter if I use the IFCD, would the game just keep running the convos over and over every chapter? Ex. If Guy died at chapter 5, will the convo about his death play every chapter after chapter 5?

Unless its better to just use event IDs that are after 66((?)can’t recall what number the permanent IDs start at atm)) with each character’s death quote. Would this method even work? As I’ve been having problems with death quotes in general, still trying to solve them. And if this is the case, does that means I need to write an event for every single characters death, every chapter?

This is where disassembling vanilla events is your friend.
The game runs a big old check at the end of every chapter filled with IFCDs. Looking through some of these event files, it seems to be the same check every time: 0xCC0C14.

Fun fact: the 3 parameter version of IFCD gets used here. Event Assembler Language.txt has the 3rd parameter labeled as ‘dunno’, but the game is definitely using the permanent event IDs that get set when certain characters die. It probably prevents the conversation from running again if the character died in a previous chapter.

Oh so thats what the dunno means, i did diassemble but sometimes i can’t make heads or tails of what i’m reading, im guessing the vanilla events use certain macros/key words that isn’t used when we make our events?

either i’m doing something wrong or something else is happening but when i insert my own events and then disassemble them back, sometimes ‘dunno’ and other words appear, basically the disassembled version is different than the original.

Disassembling just spits out the events without any pretty macros wrapped around them.
So instead of “Text(0x01, 0x678)”, it’d put out

FADI 0x10
BACG 0x01
FADU 0x10
TEX1 0x678

If you’re getting weird results, it might have to do with the settings you choose for disassembling.

Oh okay, makes sense. I’ll play around with the settings some more then. I just never knew what the original non macro’ed commands were. Sometimes I can’t even tell if something is macro’ed or not. Its another reason I am glad the road was paved as well as it has been thus far lol.

Event Assembler Language.txt exists for a reason :wink:

Well that explains it, it was missing from my event assembler folder. Just downloaded it lol. I’ve been looking at the files inside EA standard library for any shred of knowledge.