Chapter Quests

Quest: KO ten units in a turn.
Reward: Your units have galeforce.

These are mini objectives to the chapter that when completed, give you a nice reward for the rest of the chapter. The objective and reward should each be a simple sentence, imo.

KOing 10 units in a turn is probably harder than completing the chapter normally, so it’s okay to give out a broken reward for that.

Quest: Dodge four attacks in a row.
Reward: Your units have +20 avoid.

Quest: Defeat an enemy in one hit.
Reward: Your units have +5 con.

Quest: Heal eighty hitpoints.
Reward: Your units have Renewal.

Suggest your own ideas below, or offer feedback on other people’s ideas.


Quest: Take 0 Damage from 5 different attacks in a row
Reward: Your units get Great Shield

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Quest: Open 3 doors/chests with the same unit
Reward: Your unit can use lockpicks

Quest: Use 7 items in one chapter with the same unit
Reward: Your unit get Canto

Quest: Fight 8 ennemies in a round a unit who has less than 50% health
Reward: Vantage

Hidden Quest: Discard a S-rank weapon
Reward: The unit who discarded the weapon get Paragon (or Nihil)

I like the idea though it could be pretty hard to balance it, especially if the reward is a skill. Units like Jagens and pre-promotes could end up having multiples skills pretty easily. The all rounders could also be a problem.(mercenaries/lords/fighters/Mages)

Kill ten enemies while at a weapon (triangle) disadvantage.

Completely deplete a weapon’s usage from new to broken with a single character.

Promote a unit as soon as possible.

Find three or more hidden treasures with the same unit.

But having +5 con effects rescue on cavs and fliers so may be exclusive to non mounted units

I think a quest system like this is definitely a good idea however I don’t think directly correlating the goal with the reward is a good idea as it can easily lead to snowballing, especially something like avoid, if you even get down to 40 hit and get the reward that’s 20 hit now.
I think it should rather be something like
“Avoid X attacks in a row for +X% crit or +X atk” as it’s not directly correlated to the objective and avoids snowballing without some effort.

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I think it’s a good idea, but rewards should be smaller and permanent, like stat-boosters or strong weapons (potentially a skill, but these should be given out sparingly). If it only lasts for one chapter, I wouldn’t feel incentivised to actively try and meet the requirements, unless the chapter was too difficult to beat without the rewards - which it certainly shouldn’t be as that would cause issues for players that don’t have the appropriate resources or team composition to meet the target.


Quest: Only deploy units of one weapon class.
Reward: Your units have [weapon class]-faire.

Quest: Only deploy units of all but one weapon class.
Reward: Your units have [weapon class]-breaker (IDK what you would do with tomes).

Quest: Only deploy unpromoted units (unlocked in chapter where enemies start promoting).
Reward: Your units have +3 to all stats (except Movement).

Quest: Defeat a non-boss enemy with 2 HP or less with a critical hit.
Reward: Your units get Killing Machine.

Quest: Have 5 player units die
Reward: (lol idk I didn’t get that far)

Reward: Your units cannot die, but they have halved stats.

TRS has a very barebones System that reminded me of this that i’ll call the scorecard. Every enemy has a type, say bandit, armor, horse, flier. Every map has a type, say cave, water, urban. And then every weapon type is included aswell. Now for every 10 kills you get of a type, you get +1% hit and avoid against/with that type. So if you killed 21 bandits, and have 13 kills with Swords, aswell as 3 kills on a cave map, you will get 4% hit and avoid when fighting bandits in caves while wielding swords.

Staves also have a useage counter, every 10 uses give you 1% chance to crit with your staff.

Theres’s also singers which have a % chance to refresh units in a radius the more you use it.

I think a system like this combined with your proposed Quest System could lead to more spread out rewards. It would be cool to see a project that makes use of it

If your pegasus kills a lot of enemies on a water map, she could get a coastal warrior trait which makes fighting on water maps easier.

Dodging a lot of fast myrmidons could increase your speed while fighting them, etc.

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Reminds me of Stella Glows Side Objectives. Their the rewards were items though and I think that’d be the best outcome.