Chapter/game intro question [SOLVED]

hey iv been looking around and trying to find out how to how to change chapter names and the intro to the game like the one before the first chapter of the game i wandering how to edit that text if i’m unclear please ask me so i can clearifyokz and thank you for the help

If you’re modding FE7, chapter names are just text you can edit with FEditor.
If you’re modding FE8, chapter names are images that you can swap out using GBAGE.

Any speculation as to why they changed it from text to images? I’d have thought a single alphabet sheet and using text would be less space than an image for each chapter…

fwiw, the japanese versions of both games (plus fe6 obviously) use images, and the text setup was something they implemented in fe7’s localisation. maybe they just couldn’t have been assed with fe8? my first thought was that it had fewer chapter titles to render so it was slightly less of a concern, but then i remembered all those skirmish arenas and that theory was promptly shot (on the other hand, considering that fe7 had to account for slightly different numbering in the labels between eliwood and hector modes, maybe it was still kind of a consideration?)

they seem to have been less pressed for space with fe8, since unlike with fe7 they actually managed to cram all of the pal languages onto one cartridge that time around


No clue. It’s Intelligent Systems/NoA localization. So, for all we know, they decided by drawing lots out of a hat.

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hey man thanks for that but i dont know or understand how to read the hexcode into the code for FEaditor and thank you in advance if u can

You don’t read hex into FEditor. If it’s just text you’re changing, open up FEditor’s text editor, search for the text in question, edit it, then hit apply and save it.

so just look for the text like scroll through theirs no way of finding the code for the chapter or anything

The text ID can be found by using the chapter data editor(in Nightmare), and somewhere past the middle, there should be a chapter name text ID or something similar box. Type that number into the text ID box in FEditor.

oh ok thank you ig i just alwasy passed over it when looking
thank man