Chapter can't remember to load NPC units upon resume

Normally I think this would be a problem if I had over 50 generics on a map. But chapter 5 has been causing a lot of annoying problems for me lately.

First of all, Only a max of 20 NPC’s seem to be able to be loaded on this map when the chapter actually begins. So that’s already strange because if I try to load more, the game starts to delete other units.

after suspend/resume

I have no idea what’s going on? I thought the game was able to handle at most, 50 generic units on screen. Is it something specific with chapter 5? because I can’t go more than 20 for units and my events look fine.


also, this happens.
if I talk to the berserker here:

upon a soft reset and a resume i get this.
And the ID’s are completely different for these conversations

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That’s some serious shit going on there
I have no clues man lol

here are the events

edit- Also, none of my MOVE’s properly anymore during the cutscene that happens after the talk with the berserker, (instead of moving, the unit just repositions itself instead)

Sustend game states can only remember a few NPCs. I forget the exact number but it’s not many, so those that don’t fit in memory are removed.

IIRC 20 is the exact number.

is 20 the number for the absolute max or for remembering after resuming?

my gut says the conversation changing is related to NPCs disappearing; note that the berserker is gone after resume in the talk screenshots. what i assume is happening (if someone wants to fact-check me on this in the code that’d be great) is that the game remembers the last action taken, which is “unit A talked to the unit on square [X,Y]” and attempts to load the conversations from events accordingly. However, as the target of the talk is gone, the game loads a random person and/or a random conversation instead

event IDs past 0x40 don’t save upon resetting

20’s the absolute max; the number saved for Suspend is lower, like 8 I think.

ok good i was freaking out, i thought my rom was fucked or somethig