Chapter 1 ~The introduction~

Hello ^-^ glad to be here a friend of mine from another forum recommended me to come make account on here because your very active when it comes to hacking FE. I love FE series my most favorite game is the blazing sword. I’m currently trying to my hack from showing the tacticians story. We’ve all seen Lyn’s, Eliwood’s, and Hectors but what about the tacticians? Lot of mystery surrounds the tactician with rumors to have been in a war before meeting the friends in the current story. Why is the tactician so secretive and reserved? Well I’m making a FE rom hack with this story that will have new chapters new characters and events but still have some of the classic chapters and events. So you get a good amount of new mixed in with some old. I think it’s a good idea since this is my first time making a hack. I hope you all will help me through all the bumps.

I’ll be happy to help all of you guys as best as i can to. My favorite hobby is photography and I’m quite skilled (not to brag) at photo shopping and photo editing. If you ever need anything from this area I’d be more then happy to help with that. Mug splicing unfortunately I am not talented at lol. I’m working on it though if anyone has a course on it I’d be happy happy to take it lol. I’m a decently fast learner and still a bit of a noob when it comes to hacking but I already have a lot of programs and the newly updated ultimate fire emblem hack guide made by blazer. I’ve been working on this hack for awhile and I’ve had to pause is for long periods of time because of real life taking to much of my time or my pc giving me issues and such.

Now about me and not my hack well I live in Africa but I was born in America. I moved here in Africa a few years ago. I sold my 3ds back while I was in America thinking I could just by a new one here in Africa but to my horror this area only sells PlayStation and Xbox not Nintendo products. Buying online abroad cost an arm and a leg in taxes so for the time being I cannot get a ds so please no spoilers on the FE games. I’m funny,friendly,socially awkward, weird, a bit shy, bad at typing, and random. Fair warning I might blurt out something completely random just to make you laugh. I might fail so if I do sorry ahead of time xD. I promise not to spam though I’m not like that I know where to appropriately be randomly funny. I’m not extremely serious person but when it’s needed I will be. Anyway I think that’s good for now if you want to know anything else about me please ask ^-^


Welcome to FEU! We’re cool to have more people join the forum but you can also join the respective discord server if you desire to learn more of hacking wizardry and mug making.

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Thanks I was starting to think nobody was gonna to say anything :'D. discord huh. Okay I will how do I join? I already have a discord account but I’m still a noob to it I just made one like a week ago

Search up the Dscord thread and the link will invite you to the server.