Changing Save Slot Colors

Hello there! My name is Zack, and I am currently working on my first attempt at a FE ROM Hack.
My point in opening this topic is that I have a small question.
I am using FE Builder in order to create my hack, and while exploring the Patches menu I discovered patches that seem as though they should allow me to change the color of the save slots if the player has casual mode enabled.
I played around with it for quite a bit, but in the end I could not seem to figure out how to get the save slot colors to change when casual mode was enabled on the save.
I was wondering if someone could help explain to me how exactly this is done, if it is actually even possible at all.

I wasn’t sure if Report 7z would be needed for this question, but I decided to create one for my project in its current state just in case it is needed.
My intended results for the save slot colors are:
Normal/Classic - Blue
Normal/Casual - Green
Hard/Classic - Red
Hard/Casual - Gray
Thank you so much to anyone who takes the time to read this post and experiment with my question! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t seem to work.
The color of the hard mode seems to be unaffected by the setting of flags 0x8A, etc.
Therefore, the color of the hard mode cannot be changed from the currently set red color.
In normal mode, it works fine, but in hard mode, there seems to be some special processing going on.

I can not help you because something doesn’t work,
so please ignore it and move on.

The routine to change the color of save slots may need to be reviewed a bit more.
Originally this routine was implemented to change the Easy and Normal save slots were the same color.
Checking the flag in Hard mode was not the main purpose.

I see. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Hey man, I think I found what you’re looking for.

On FE Builder GBA, you have to go to through the following menus: Image Editors, System Icon, Other Images, then click on the first option. A new window will pop up with a bunch of uncategorized graphics. There you’ll find 6 items that start with ‘‘Level Select Pallete’’, they’re right there on sight.

From there, you can edit the pallete directly on FE Builder, or export the image to change the graphic itself.

I hope this helps.