Changing/removing Eirika and Ephraim's Names in the intro cinematic

In the intro cinematic for FE8, a bunch of character art is shown, starting with Eirika and Ephraim. But only those 2 have their names show up. I wanna know if there is a way to remove or change them without messing up the rest of the intro cinematic.

I’m not sure if it’s an actual text entry or an image, but I would assume it’s an image, similar to the chapter titles.

This is the part I’m refering to

The names in the intro cinematic are graphics – the actual graphics themselves are located at FE8U:0x8AF1FD0. Changing them would be a bit challenging as the image also contains “smear frames” to make a brief blur effect on their names.

The names are displayed as sprites during the intro cinematic. The sprite data can be found at FE8U:0x8AA6BFA (Ephraim’s name) and FE8U:0x8AA6C0E (Eirika’s name).

There are 3 functions (each) that draw these sprites to the screen during the intro cinematic proc.

It’s a bit of brute force approach, but if your goal is only to not display the names, I had success in nop’ing out the calls to PutSpriteExt (FE8U:0x8005428) in each of the following functions.

For Ephraim:

  • FE8U:0x80C7A84 - Replace roughly between 0x80C7AAC-0x80C7ABA with nop
  • FE8U:0x80C7AE8 - Replace roughly between 0x80C7AF6-0x80C7B04 with nop
  • FE8U:0x80C7B80 - Replace roughly between 0x80C7B98-0x80C7BA6 with nop

For Eirika:

  • FE8U:0x80C8214 - Replace roughly between 0x80C823C-0x80C824A with nop
  • FE8U:0x80C8278 - Replace roughly between 0x80C8286-0x80C8294 with nop
  • FE8U:0x80C835C - Replace roughly between 0x80C8374-0x80C8382 with nop

Thank you. I used the first image adress and replaced it with a transparent image and it doesn’t show anymore.

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