Changing leader/main character for a chapter

Hey guys, so I’ve got a chapter kinda like FE8 5x where I swap to another lord for a chapter, but in FE7. My question is - how do I change the “army commander” or “leader” in the status screen?

Fiddling with it, I’ve tried just loading them, UNCM <C> 4 on the old units, both in that chapter and the one before, but these don’t work. UNCM does work if I go through prep screen, since it appears leader is just the unit you set as first in the prep screen… but I’d rather not do that.

There really isn’t any other way, else the game will consider the last MC as the current even if they’re not loaded on the chapter.

I think venno did a patch for it

Yeah, thanks, found the Venno autocursor ASM hack. Works like a charm, and it also fixes autocursor stuff that I didn’t even notice. Guess I didn’t look hard enough l0l.