Changing crit damage multiplier w SkillSystems

Hi, I am trying to change the crit damage multiplier in a hack I am working on (as the title implies). I did find a post about it from 2015 that explained where in memory the assembly commands that multiply the damage on a crit. (Addresses 2B526 and 2B528 are normally responsible for this)

However, when I have SkillSystems installed (currently version 20220703), the crit damage multiplier remains at x3 despite what I change the assembly at the location referenced in the post which leads me to believe that SkillSystems multiplies damage for a crit elsewhere in memory. So I was wondering if anybody knew what memory address locations handle crit damage multiplication with SkillSystems installed.

Thanks in advance.

SkillSys takes over how much damage criticals deal. You can change the sourcecode and run a custom build, or you can find where the code is in your rom and edit it inline. It is at a different address based on which version you’re on (and possibly where free space starts for you) so it requires understanding pointers a little bit.

I changed crits to deal 1.5x damage here personally. I didn’t bother changing expertise, so you’ll take more damage from crits with the skill as I wrote, lol.

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Thanks so much for the help. I was able to use the snippet you gave me, converted a few lines into hex, and then search through my rom to find the snippets address.

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