Change palettes of some tiles from a Tileset

I was testing to change the color of the mountains in the “Super Fields” tileset by WAve & another, but this changed the color of the trees too. Then, What can I do for the trees to continue to be of a brown color without changing the color of the mountains?

They wouldn’t change; in that palette, mountains and trees do not share colors
Oh are you referring to snags? You would need to change the palette association for those tiles to something else

Yes, I wanted to refer to the snags. How I can change the association of the palette for those things?

Beyond changing the palettes for the quarter tiles of the snags in the mapchip. What your probably gonna need to do is open up the object image (make sure its displaying pallete 0) and recolor the snags with say the same colors that the houses use within it.

Is this the object image with palette 0?

Super Fields Image