Chair's Free Stuff (Now With 3 Custom Weapons)


Hello friends, Chair here!

I’m gunna be sharing everything from music, to maps, to custom weapons (icons/names/etc.), you have my permission to use anything I post here in your very own hack; provided of course, you gib credit.

Simple Stuffs, (gib credit)†

###Homebrewed Track List:

  • Despair
  • Untitled

###Other Tracks:

  • Persona 5: Life Goes On (WIP, only has like 2 instruments at the moment)


THWD Maps (gib credit)

THWD .tmx format (with tile changes)
##Custom Weapons:

Just a few ideas I plan on throwing in my hack, stats aren’t done, but you get free icons + name/mechanics ideas. Maybe there’s some proper iterations out there, but I just thought these would be a neat addition.
###Anima Tomes

[details=Sacred Flame*]

  • Reverses Weapon Triangle
  • Name taken from DnD


###Dark Tomes


  • Brave Effect



  • Can’t be countered [/details]

*Will get around to using inferential statistics to figure out stats, too lazy to input all the weapon data at this point in time.
†I kinda derped in ‘Untitled’, it was made 5 years ago, will fix (Spoon^TM)



  • Test renamed to ‘Despair’; and it has a nice sound now (proper quantification n all that good stuff)
  • Added .tmx files for maps (forgot in the first place, derp)



  • Added 3 custom weapons, icon/name/mechanic included
  • Slight modifications to intro