CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round Two Complete: Eirika and Ephraim!)

Erika is actualy a german name

Bringing families together since 1916



The passing though of some sort of FE8 prequel has become stronger

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I’m a few hours late, but better late than never.

We’ve just hit the final day for the CCC, and now we are no longer accepting any entries! It is time for the voting round! In total we had 13 people submit entries, with a total of 21 entries across all the entrants. Great turnout!

The Rules:

You must vote for four entries! No more, no less.

This poll will run for 3 days and will end on the 21st of February, 72 hours from now! If there is a tie, I will let it run for one more day. If there is still a tie after that, I will perform a tiebreaker round with one vote per contestant. If there is STILL a tie, I’ll flip a dang coin.

So, without any further ado, here are all THIRTEEN entries!

Click the image to vote in the poll!

There are tons of great entries in this round, and I’m excited to see who will win!

Let’s get to it.

Edit: Day 1’s voting results: with 45 voters having entered their opinions, Jey and Redbean are neck and neck for first place!


I am positively shocked people liked it so much.


Okay, everyone! We’ve reached the end of Day Three, and the results are in! With 52 people having put their answers in, and with 33 points in total, @RedBean wins the second round of the Character Compounding Contest! It was a close call, too, with JeyTheCount often taking first place several times during the contest and only coming up two points short in the end. Great match!!

Redbean, please DM me your choices for the next round’s two characters!

UPDATE: Redbean has chosen Karel and Karla as the two characters for the next contest! Consider this an early warning, so you guys can have one free extra week to prepare! :slight_smile:

Now then, let’s break down how the results finally settled.

Redbean: 33 Votes

JeyTheCount: 31 Votes

CanDy: 24 Votes

Rainlash: 18 Votes

EldritchAbomination: 15 Votes

Vilkalizer: 14 Votes

Sterling Glovner: 14 Votes

Mysterious Dancer: 14 Votes

JiroPaiPai: 13 Votes

Tsushima: 10 Votes

Pollen: 10 Votes

Wasdye: 6 Votes

Cavalry Units: 6 Votes

Final results:

On the left-hand side of the image, we can see the total votes everyone received, while on the right-hand side, we can see how those numbers contributed to the total of votes as a whole.

I tried something new with this contest where people had to vote for four contestants, no more, no less. I wanted to see how that would make the votes play out, and while that did cause more votes ‘overall’ to get added to the total per voter, I also noticed it created ‘tiers’ of votes, like how Redbean/Jey were in the first tier, then Candy/Rainlash, then Eldritch/Vilk/Sterling/Dancer/Jiro. In future contests, I’ll stick with “vote up to X” rules, instead of “vote exactly X times” rules.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the submissions we got! I thought CavalryUnits had a really great entry, but he tied for last, so it seems he faced some really stiff competition. Tsushima’s edit was the most subtle sprite here, but her(his?) modified Eirika still got ten votes, so clearly people liked it.

We ended up with two fantastic child characters, a super cute Lyn redesign by Jey, Eldritch gave us a fantastic Ephraim adult mug, and I also really liked Sterling’s full custom Ephraim too. Just great entries overall! Rainlash even gave us a cyberpunk Eirika, which I did NOT expect.

Here’s to hoping @RedBean picks two really cool characters for the next contest! I’ll be waiting a week to post the next one though, just so people have time to recharge. I also have a Mapping Repo I’m working on, so I’d like to post that soon.

See you all for the next one!

Edit: For funsies, I made a new headcanon of child, game-age, and adult Eirika/Ephraim.

Children: Redbean
Second Eirika: Tsushima
Second Ephraim: Flasuban
Bottom Eirika: JeyTheCount
Bottom Ephraim: EldritchAbomination


Karla and Karel, huh? Oh, this is going to be fun.


Redbean specified FE6 Karel and FE7 Karla; I’m going to make it FE6/7 Karel and FE7 Karla.

Speaking of which, I really hope to see an aged-up Karla, as if she had appeared in FE6. That would be sick.

I’m also hoping for Karla and Karel wearing matching Joker/Persona costumes


Aged characters are my specialty :slight_smile:


Joker from Fire Emblem Three Houses


Hey I have a cool idea how to expand the contests. What about that you can pick characters that we haven’t seen (like the rest of the 8 Legends) or hypothetical characters (like children of some pairs)?

Like for example this Roy/Sue son I’ve made some time ago:


My overall goal is to get gba versions of many existing non-GBA characters made for the repo.

So far though, people have stuck entirely to GBA characters… so it hasn’t gone entirely the way I wanted. Maybe for round 4, we’ll see some changes.

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I think this works best when we choose mugs for non-gba characters that are F2E, just for people who don’t really full custom. but idk.

I’ll return when there’s more to report.
matthew but it's hector 2

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Pls read the rules :see_no_evil:

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Might have gone a little further than that.


Gramma Karla.

Grammarla :neutral_face:


I haven’t started round 3 tho guys, y’all jumping the gun

This scar version is sick

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ur 2 slo

Thanks. I think FE needs more badass grandmas with badass scars.


“Eat yer damn potatoes, brat. If you don’t, gramma will give ya a scar three times worse than hers!”

Ugh I’ll post the new topic tomorrow then lol