CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round One Complete: Anna and Jake!)



Mage Jake
Here’s a quick little mage Jake that I spliced using my older Ewan custom’s cloak. I hope to finish my Anna portrait very soon!


After much travail, I present to you…
Fates Mercenary Anna!


This is the last Anna I know of that anyone was working on! We still have 3-4 days before the competition ends, so if anyone wants to add another Anna or Jake to their entries, you’ve time to do so! I’m looking forward to seeing how the votes pan out, and I think I have a solution for making the voting more interesting. We will see!

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Just a small edit of Fe7 Anna to make her look like Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn Anna.
Thought I’d put it here anyways since I had her lying around.


Another submission via Discord! A second Pirate Anna, but with a few changes from Wasdye’s Anna’s above.

Dianna Port

Edit: DISQUALIFIED. Chrobin is also permanently banned from contributing to this contest. Let that be a warning to art thieves.


That person is a notorious art thief. That’s not A second Pirate Anna; it’s just Wasdye’s work stolen and reposted without credit. You should probably delete the post, and block them on Discord for good measure.


Are you being serious? That’s a pretty big accusation, man. It does look similar to Wasdyke’s Anna, but there are a bunch of differences.

I did notice this a bit later on…

Spoilered to shrink the thread

Which implies the sprite was made months ago (Breaks the comps rules)

You say ‘notorious art thief’ but this is my first time hearing about it. I’ll need some examples, proof, etc.

Edit: Never mind. You’re right. I remember now, he’s one of those background people that I barely pay any attention to, but I’ve seen him stealing work before.

Sorry guys, my bad. I won’t forget this in the future. Chrobin is disqualified.


Here’s my Fates Anna with different version :
Anna lipstickAnna lipstick player
AnnaAnna player


Assuming no other entries, it’s fitting Melia would cap off the first round of the competition. Voting is going to be a doozy.

Update: I have the poll ready, but just in case of a last minute participant, I won’t post it until the 14 days are up!


Why not, I guess.
I fancy this a little subpar but that’s just what happens when you elect to do something hours before a deadline.


Tsushi… that is too cute! Is this a random design you thought up, or did you base her off anything?

Also, we have just entered the last 24 hour stretch. The contest ends in 22 hours.

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Yoooo! Alright everyone! We have officially hit the deadline. I originally planned to post this poll on a different external website. In fact, I had the poll made and everything, but then I found that it completely garbled the images by turning them into jpgs. Yuck! My plan was to allow everyone up to 5 votes, but I couldn’t find another website that:

  1. Gave people up to five votes
  2. Let me add images
  3. Didn’t garble the images into JPG’s

My other preference would have been to use a site that allowed me to create a poll with Ranked Choice Voting, but none I found were anything other than advocating for such in US and other country elections, and those that allowed me to create RCV vote-type polling didn’t allow images. Also, FEU has a maximum of 20 entrants, while this first round had 21 entries. Rats.

So here we are now. I’ll just use good ol’ reliable Google Forms.

The Rules:

You may vote for up to 5 people in total!

This poll will run for 3 days. If there is a tie, I will let it run for one more day. If there is still a tie after that, I will perform a tiebreaker round with one vote per contestant. If there is STILL a tie, I’ll flip a dang coin.

So, without any further ado, here are all TWENTY-ONE entries!

(Click image to view the poll!)

I’m amazed by this competition’s first round of turnout. I originally anticipated a tepid reaction, perhaps maybe 5-10 entries, tops. Instead, I think we may have broke every single spriting competition’s record from all the competitions I’ve overseen. Twenty-one entries! Wow! Having recently compiled the entirety of SF’s spriting comps onto a gigantic sheet (Lenh did 95% of the heavy lifting, tbh) I can safely say FEU’s turnout for this competition was way grander than any of those.

For everyone who inevitably won’t win the votes, just due to how MANY of you there are, don’t feel bad! You’re still contributing to the repo and helping out future project creators! That makes everyone here a winner in my book.

So, let’s get on with this! Start voting, and I’ll see everyone in 72 hours!

EDIT: I found out I could set a maximum number of votes. Now everyone can only vote for up to 5 people. So, that’s great! You also need a gmail to validate so you can’t vote multiple times, which is good because the original version had people voting ad infinitum. This is my first time ever using google forms, so this is a learning experience.

Update 1:
30 people have voted so far!


Look at the pie

Update 2! We’ve just hit 60 voters!

Remember to vote in the poll!

There’s a heated battle for second place occurring right now, but Melia is only a few points ahead! BuskHusker jumped to second for several hours, but Obsidian took back his position again just a few minutes ago!

Autonima, too, he leapfrogged Devisian Nights to tie with Tsushima and was actually in 4th place for several hours, too!

It’s still anyone’s game at this point! Shoutout to Wasdye who was at 1 point for the first twelve hours, then suddenly exploded to 6 points. Big boost!

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you should be a sports commentator


Well Obsidian can still win it seems!

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Okay, everyone! We’ve reached the end of Day Three, and the results are in! With 84 people having put their answers in, and with 54 points in total, @Melia wins the first round of the Character Compounding Contest! Whoooo!

Melia, DM me your choices for the next round’s two characters! I sent you a DM already asking who you’d like to see.

Now then, let’s break down how the results finally settled.

Download Link for all the entrants!

Melia: 54 Points

Obsidian Daddy: 43 Points

BuskHusker: 40 Points

Tsushima: 26 Points

Autonima: 21 Points

Devisian Nights: 15 Points

Knabepicer: 14 Points

Raymond: 14 Points

Fire Emblemier: 13 Points

CanDy: 12 Points

JeyTheCount: 12 Points

Exca: 12 Points

Its_Just_Jay: 10 Points

Wasdye: 8 Points

CavalryUnits: 8 Points

MysteriousDancer: 7 Points

Kirbssss: 6 Points

kdports: 4 Points

JiroPaiPai: 4 Points

BladerDj: 2 Points

GratedShtick: 2 Points

On the left-hand side of the image, we can see the total votes everyone received, while on the right-hand side, we can see how those numbers contributed to the total of votes as a whole.

A few things I should mention:

  • I goofed up twice at the start of the contest. In the two earlier results I posted, I had typos in my Google Sheet for the formulas, resulting in Devisian_Nights getting only 1/5th the votes he actually had (so he was at 3 points for most of the contest instead of the 15 he finished with) while FireEmblemier was at 0 points until just today! I accidentally put a space in his name (Fire Emblemier) resulting in him showing as having only zero points! Then, when I fixed the typo, he skyrocketed to 12 points and picked up an extra point in the last few hours. Talk about a comeback!
  • Obsidian Daddy and BuskHusker had a brutal fight for second place. A dozen times during the contest, they tied for second, with Busk barely pulling into second place by a point or two before Obsidian Daddy pulled ahead. and finally widened the gap on the third day.
  • Mysterious Dancer and Cavalry Units got 80% of their total votes on the third day. I guess a bunch of their secret fans showed up at the last minute to give them tons of points!
  • 65% of people who votes in this contest voted for Melia.
  • All of the TLP mugs scored similar points, putting them straight in a line back-to-back, with The Road to Ruin’s Ava and Vance tying with Jelik at 14 points.
  • I was REALLY surprised Candy’s Anna only got 12 points. I thought it was at least on par with Tsushi’s Anna, especially given it was a full custom. Weird! I even thought it would compete for second or third place!

Another really strange thing is, four people voted for Jiro’s entry, despite it literally just being Anna and Jake without any edits.

I don’t get it. You guys are weird!

Anyway! That concludes round 1 of the CCC! @Melia please DM me your male and female mug choices for the next round!

My only stipulation: One of the mugs has to be from a GBA game, be they a male or female character. The other can be a non-GBA FE character.

That’s it! Let’s start up Round 2 soon!


Great first round, everyone!

Here is the topic for Round 2! Go go go!