CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round Four Complete: Hugh, Cath, and Lysithea!)

Dolph and Macellan.
Yes, I’m that cruel.

I’m going with Sonya and Deen from FE2/15

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Wow, that’s a good idea for an entire round.

It would be, but like in SoV you’re gonna have to pick one :trollface:

Chad and Dieck

Guys, you wouldn’t believe! Hilarious!
Heroes just released a trailer with… baby Ephraim and Eirika.
So …
Which of you is the IS spy?

Alright. Here are the votes. I believe I set it so you can vote for 1-4 characters. Inb4 I’m proven wrong. Pick your favorite four and we’ll see who the community likes most!

In the event of a tie, I’ll flip a coin. You have two days to vote!

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Marty Party


Hm, my crummy old Marty splice doesn’t seem to be in the repository, although the even crummier Midia from around that time is there. That’s a bit odd.

e: it is there, it’s just in the “OC” folder instead of the 4/5 one.

Well i’m sure it’d be better to have a full custom one than a splice anyway so vOv


Portrait repo is still very much a WIP. The OC folder is a mess. I’m trying to solve the battle animation repo, and then after that, I have to work on map sprites and class cards, reorganizing those.

So much to do, so little time…

Yeah no rush, if they’ve been there since 2017 they can stay there a bit longer.

Fucking hell that was four years ago.

I’m old!

Alright guys, I feel pretty confident in saying Round 5 of the CCC will feature:

Nino from FE7.
Jaffar from FE7.
Sonya from Gaiden.

Honestly, I thought Marty would win but Sonya leaped way ahead. I guess the power of horny always prevails!


Feel free to get your entries ready ahead of time. I’m still very busy with the Repo stuff so it’ll be a few days before I post it.


CCC 5 when, then?

Come on, it’s literally right above you.

Sorry, I sometimes skip things while reading

Waifus are temporary. Marty is eternal.


I actually edited it in right after posting. Areynor was just too fast.



I believe in Sonya supremacy